Monday, 16 September 2013

Battle of Gettysburg - Sunday

Finally got round to posting the pics for the second day of Gettysburg. Here's the skinny on how the Confeds did:

Sunday morning we all shambled back into the gaming room to finish off the last few hours of the battle. I was quite enjoying it by now; despite being battered and beaten from trying to take Cemetery Ridge we were actually making some good ground and there was a chance we could take the ridge.

Cut a long story short I did manage to reach the top of Cemetery Ridge and win the least for a moment. The Confeds were so dilapidated from the charge we had no troops to support and consolidate our hard won victory; so the second line of yankees just swept us from the hill. All in all though it was a pretty fun weekend and certainly got me more inspired about historic wargaming. There was talk of organising another event for maybe the first day of Gettysburg or maybe Antietam. If they ever get round to doing it I'd certainly be keen for it.

Here are the early morning photos of my staunch lads lining up for another shot at Cemetery Ridge:

And the rest of the battlefield:

Back to the brave boys in grey as they begin the assault on the ridge:

And finally we beat the dirty Yankees off the ridge!

Some other stuff happened on the rest of the battlefield but I wasn't paying much attention. It was all about Cemetery Ridge for me.

And with only an hour or so left to get things packed up the umpire called time. He had organised a scoring system for the game with a handful of different bonus points for the Confederates seeing as it was such an uphill battle for them (literally) and I was quite impressed to hear we came out on top. The ultimate outcome was never really in any doubt however; outmanned and outgunned the Confederates could not win the battle if time were allowed to continue.

All in all a great weekend and I really enjoyed myself. Looking forward to the next.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Battle of Gettysburg - Saturday

It's been a long time since the Gettysburg weekend and I've completely forgotten to post the photos despite having sorted them some weeks ago.

The weekend in the whole I found quite fun. It was certainly interesting to see the battle from Robert E. Lee's perspective. The confederates really were outmanned and outmatched so it does make you wonder why on earth Lee decided to gamble his army on such an unlikely victory. Then again Lee didn't have the benefit of hindsight that has granted us a more encompassing knowledge of the battlefield.

I took the role of William D Pender and was part of Hill's Corp responsible for taking cemetery ridge. I never really knew much about Pender before this game but after doing a little research I found he was one of the most promising generals of the war. Unfortunately he was killed at Gettysburg after a shell fragment hit him in the thigh and he had to be evacuated. An artery later ruptured in his leg and while the surgeons amputated his leg in an attempt to save his life he still died a few hours later. I however managed to keep Pender alive for the whole weekend so a slightly better outcome this time round  :)

Here are some photos of my deployment:

And then the broader battlefield:

These are the last couple of photos from the Saturday. Originally our orders had been to hold while the Confederate right flank swept over the Round Tops and rolled up the Union left. After some initial success however it became clear that the seemingly endless stream of Union reserves were going to hold the Confederate attacks back and we were left to make our own decision. we weren't really keen on the idea of spending the whole day staring at a table full of models and doing nothing so all the divisions around Cemetery Ridge decided to throw caution to the wind and see if we could sweep the dirty Yanks from the hill.

Sunday's photos are all sorted so I'll get them up when I have a chance and you can see the final outcome of the fighting around Cemetery Ridge.