Thursday, 8 August 2013

We have a new forum!

Kiwi Blood Bowlers now have a forum all of their own to talk smack and just generally rant about the game we love without too many Pomes or Ozzies getting in the way. That being said there are actually quite a few Pomes already on the forum because they're playing Blood Bowl here in Christchurch, but at least we're keeping the Ozzies out at the moment.

Anyway if you're a keen Blood Bowler and would like to find out more about Blood Bowl in your region or in New Zealand as a whole check out the new forums here:

New Zealand Blood Bowl Network

I'm Tackledummy on the forums.

In a totally related topic...well loosely related topic, I need to host some pictures of the Stillwater Stiffs so I can link them to a page on the forums. So here's an update on the very slow painting progression for the Stiffs.

The Mummies! All painted and gloss varnished. Just need to matt varnish them and finish the bases.

The Ghouls! Same as the Mummies, needing a matt varnish and finish the basing.

The Wights! Rinse, wash, repeat.

Here we have the Shamblin' 8. My poor downtrodden Zombies.

And this is the Sticks and Stones gang; my eight Skeletons.

Now for the stuff that still needs a bit of work...

I'm slowly progressing through my Coach model; Krup Sokmeinder.

I've got the skin painted on my Flesh Golems...

My Werewolves are undercoated...that's a start...

And lastly my team mascot: Wither McTwist. He did such a great job in the last game we decided to keep him on in a support capacity.

That's it for another wee while. Quick post tonight, I'll get more game results up asap. I'm slowly working through all the photos from the Gettysburg game but there's quite a few so it'll be a bit longer yet.

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