Sunday, 18 August 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 11-2-1

August is going to be a big month for Blood Bowl. Not that I've been posting a lot else recently but finding the time for anything else is challenging at the moment.

Last Thursday was game number 14 for the Stiffs and it was a real nail biter. I played against Stella and her Chaos Dwarf team; Crivens. They're the only Chaos Dwarf team in the league and my experience against Chaos Dwarfs and my understanding of the team is very lacking as this game showed. Those Bull Centaurs can be totally devastating.

We had 24,000 fans turn up for this game and Stella won the coin toss electing to receive for the first half. As seems to be the norm now for my team she promptly sent one of my players to the injured dugout in the first turn, and worse than that it was team captain; Brittle Bones Brucie. To rub salt into the wound he failed his regen roll meaning he was out for the match!

So off to a good start then. Things unfortunately didn't improve with Stella sending Ana Reksit into the injury dugout in turn two quickly followed by Dodgy Dave. Thankfully both of them made their regen rolls so would be back for the next drive but that didn't help me much right at the moment when I was three players down and Stella's dice were refusing to roll anything below 10.

As is so often the case when I'm under pressure I forgot to take many photos in the first half. Below is Stella's first drive which I managed to halt quite successfully but I had to leave my centre weak in order to do so. Stella just switched and started driving up the centre.

Cleo and rookie Tomb Guardian; Wither McTwist bust open the Criven's cage.

I still managed to sack the ball carrier and having most of her players in tacklezones I foolishly thought it would only be a matter of time before I turned over the ball and had an opportunity at scoring. Instead Stella kept sending my players off the pitch (thankfully only knockouts now) and wandered into the endzone for the first touchdown of the match. Not much else happened after that as the Stiffs failed to come up with any brilliant plays and we headed to the half time break 1 point down.

Going into the second I was hoping for a few better rolls so I deployed with a renewed determination to get my Blitz-ra and Tomb Guardians in amongst it and start causing some real hurt. To my surprise this actually did happen! After protecting her Hobgoblins so very well in the first half I finally managed to find some gaps to get through and knock them down. Sure enough the thievin' little greenskins were rolled off the field and I had the superior numbers. I pushed up field in the hope of scoring early and opening up a possibility to get an early turnover for a second touchdown before the end of the game. However there was no protected lane that would keep me safe from the two Bull Centaurs so it could have just as easily turned into a scoring opportunity for Stella. I played it safe and ran down the clock for a 1-1 draw.

Set up for the second half.

Ball retrieval.

Dodgy Dave scoring to tie the game.

How the field looked on my 6th turn of the second half.

An awesome game against Stella. She wasn't afraid to dodge away from the scrimmage with her Bull Centaurs in order to get a blitz opportunity even though it was often a 50/50 chance. As the saying goes however 'fortune favours the bold' and certainly Stella's aggressive play had me on the back foot. I learned a lot about Chaos Dwarfs this time round and hopefully I can offer more of a challenge next time we play. A hard pill to swallow for the Stiffs as it now puts them one point behind the league leaders; Paul's Pond Scum but there are still 4 to 6 games to play (depending on the commissioner's decision) so anything can happen.

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