Monday, 12 August 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 11-1-1

Game number 13! Unlucky for some. Well the Stiffs got a win for their 13th game but they certainly had a dose of bad luck. I'll get to that at the end though. Here's a quick run through of the game.

My 13th game was against Tim's Butcher's Bullies; the only Khorne team in the league and a team with one of the highest casualty outputs in the league. With all of my Mighty Blow and with all of Tim's Block and Frenzy it was going to be a brutal match.

26,000 fans attended this event in the Butcher's Arena with the majority going marginally to the Stiffs. The teams set up for the kick off with the Bullies receiving first. The kick off result was a thrown rock which sent one of Tim's Pit Slaves off the field seriously injured. He quickly retaliated by sending both Skeletor and Bill Emik off the field injured within the first turn. I got a sense of deja vu as events started to take a very similar path to my previous game against Jim. The only difference being that both Skeletor and Bill made their regeneration rolls. The following turn Ronaldo and Cleo returned the favour by sending two of Tim's Pit Slaves to the injured dugout. It got to turn three and with all the knockouts and injuries Tim and I had about 6 players each left on the pitch so Tim thought it a good time to score. With a dazzling passing play typical of Khorne he passed the ball to one of his Bloodletters and ran in the first touchdown of the game.

The rest of the half played out as a typical Khemri grind with Dodgy Dave running in a touchdown before the end of the half.


Dodgy Dave getting the equaliser.

The second half started with Tim being down to about 8 players after Tinderbox and Dusty had managed to chalk up a couple more casualties. He kicked off and I began another rather boring Khemri grind. When I was able to get the Bloodthirster off the pitch I certainly felt a huge sense of relief and then my stout bony fellows let the clock run down before running in the second touchdown.

Set up for the second half.

The dreaded cage!

This is a little unfair.

And this is just poor sportsmanship.

So with a score of 2-1 and so few Bullie's players to take to the pitch for the last turn the Stiffs thought they could relax a little and just play out the last few seconds of the match. Nuffle it seems had a different idea. Apparently Tim's fans were so enraged by the Stiff's second half performance that they began hurling rocks at my team! Worse than that; one of the rocks hit Verk in the head and killed him outright! As the last few seconds counted down on the clock the Stiffs crowded round the limp form of Verkummern the Vile and mourned the loss of a BCL champion.

This was a hilarious game in the end. While I relished the first few casualties against Tim after he decimated two skeletons in one turn, as the game ground on I was starting to feel a bit bad about the number of 10's and 11's I was rolling. By the end of the match I was feeling a bit filthy about how the Stiffs were mercilessly clubbing the Bullies into submission. This of course all turned on it's head with the final kick-off result that killed my best Tomb Guardian. I couldn't feel bad about it as it was really just karma from all the Bullies I had injured so we'll elevate our team mascot into the vacant position, have a wee cry and get over it in time for the next game. Time to step up Wither McTwist!

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