Saturday, 29 June 2013

What did I get up to on Thursday...

I'm all up to date with my BCL games for the month. I couldn't get a game of 40k organised. So what else would one do on a Gaming Club night? Well I decided to take the Blood Bowl board and the Stillwater Stiffs down and fish for a game. I know, original right. First time I've not needed to play a game of Blood Bowl in a long time and I go hunting for another bloody game of Blood Bowl. It's not quite that bad though. I have a 40k and Fantasy tournament coming up this month so I'm figuring I'm going to get far more of both of these games than I would like for the month of July so I may as well get a few games of Fantasy Football in while I can.

It was actually quite interesting. Not having any league games to play Tim and I threw a couple of tournament teams together to try out for the Blood Bowl tourny being run here in July. I took Khemri and Tim took Amazons. The cool thing about this tourny is that you get a spare 70k to spend on a 'Star Player' (this is just a regular player who can take stat upgrades, doubles skills and/or more than one skill). I took a Throw'Ra with +1 Agility and Block and Tim took a Blitzer with +1 Strength and Frenzy.

Our first game was the most interesting one for me because its the one I did well in. The second game is lacking in photos because I was losing but we won't talk about that, lets focus on the winning game.

Tim won the roll for kick off and elected to receive. Here we are ready to get the game underway...

Tim shimmied his players around and fumbled the ball a bit. Not great dice to start out with but the ball was well protected so not a big deal at this stage.

Sideline cam shot.

Eventually Tim had a second go at the loose ball and managed to get a hold of it.

Then he started running Amazons down field and I had to desperately cover. I had skilled up a Skeleton with Dirty Player so I was fouling every opportunity I got which was starting to pay dividends with the amount of stunned, injured and knocked out catchers.

My Dirty Player was sent off but my Blitz'Ras and Tomb Guardians had now managed to get to grips with a few of the girls and were putting more into the dugout. We got to the end of the first half and Tim could only put about 8 or 9 players on the pitch with me receiving so he suggested we call it there and start again.

So, into game 2. I didn't take many pictures of this game because I got smashed. This is why...

Ruckety ruck...

Maul, maul, maul...

Now you would think a situation like this would play right into the hands of a Khemri team right? Well apparently not. When your opponent has taken Block on every single model and Guard on all four Blitzers you will actually lose this kind of ruck even with four Tomb Guardians. Long story short Tim did to me exactly what I had done to him. By the end of the half I could only put 9 players on the pitch because Tim had knocked out so many of mine and I didn't wake any of them up. The second half was going to be an uphill battle for me so we did the same as the previous game and called time so we could drink some beer.

Overall a good way to spend a Thursday evening and great to try the team in a tournament setting. Teams can play so differently when used in a resurrection style tournament because you simply don't care about the long term effects of casualties like you would in a  league. It's much easier to throw someone into a bad situation and just see what happens.

That's it for another week. I'll likely have a bit more Blood Bowl action by next Thursday and then for the first weekend of July I'm supposed to be playing in a Gettysburg game which will be interesting. I'll make sure I snap some photos and get a post up here the week after.

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