Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 8-1-1

Another update for the Stiffs on their most recent game. Last Thursday they drew a game against Tony's Vampires; the 'Unhappy Meals'. Tony was down on team value by about 100k so he took an extra Re-Roll and we got straight into pre-game pep talks with our teams.

The weather was perfect Blood Bowl weather (just) and we had 26,000 fans pour into Stillwater Cemetery - a new record for the Stiffs. I won the roll for kick-off and decided to receive for the first half. Tony lined up his team making sure Napkin Nigel had a prime spot to sack my ball carrier.

Tony kicked the ball deep and I ran back some cover for Dodgy Dave to retrieve the ball. I left the Tomb Guardians on the line to try and put some of Tony's Thralls in the injured bin. The first half played out like a pretty standard eight turn Khemrian grind. I made sure Tony had to make some quite ambitious dodge rolls in order to get into my cage, this wouldn't have been too much of a problem for Tony if he had a Re-Roll for the dodge, but some awful dice meant he had to keep using his re-rolls on Blood Lust, Go For It rolls and 2+ Hypno-gaze rolls. Long story short my cage ground down the field with Dodgy Dave scoring on turn 8 and Dusty and Ana Reksit both getting a casualty on the way.

Caging up in the back field.

Getting serious on the line of scrimmage.

Dodgy Dave breaks free of the cage.

He's away! Touchdown!!!

Tony lines up to try and damage my Tomb Guardians in the dying seconds of the first half.

After the first half I wanted to play a little more defensively and see what Tony would throw at me before committing my better players. For that reason I put Skeletons on the line of scrimmage and set everyone else up a few squares back. Tony set up a wide line with a Vamp and Thrall in the back field for ball retrieval. The second half played out much the same as the first for Tony with his Vamps Blood Lusting as often as they could. It seemed every time Tony tried an important action the Vamps got thirsty and his Thralls were always one square away from where they needed to be. My Tomb Guardians and Blitz-Ras focused on getting the Thralls off the field while my Throw-Ras went hunting for the ball. I managed to pin the ball carrier against the sideline and turn over the ball, then Ronaldo got a hand on it and ran in a turn 5 Touchdown. After that we played out the last few turns seeing if Tony could get a consolation Touchdown. His dice continued to poop all over him and the game ended at 2-0 with cas 4-0 after Cleo landed another Thrall in the injured bin and the fourth hurt himself tripping on a bootlace.

Second half kick-off.

Tomb Guardians on the line.

The ball carrier; 'Arry the 'Andkerchief unfortunately had nowhere to go.

A really good game against Tony. I felt really bad about how his dice just seemed to abandon him on important rolls but he admirably took it all in his stride. Vamps are a tough team to play and whenever I was trying to see the game from Tony's side of the board I was having to really kick the brain into gear in order to work out the combinations needed to get a sack attempt. In saying that it very much opened my eyes to how fun and also how dangerous Vamps can be. Hypno-gaze is a game winner! (assuming your dice don't roll like Tony's) the ability to take out tackle zones and then jump in a strength 4 Vampire for the sack is a very scary prospect. I'm hoping to work my way through all the Undead teams in our BCL league over the next few years so I'm looking forward to when I get round to playing Vamps. It'll be a fun challenge.

We're now halfway through the season for BCL and the Stiffs aren't doing too badly. They're placed second equal on the table with Tim's Orcs who I played in my third game. I've yet to play Paul who is the table leader with his Slann so that'll be on the cards in the coming weeks. Otherwise there are not many people in the top 10 that I haven't played so I'm glad I got most of the tough games out of the way early.

That's all the Blood Bowl for this month. I'll post more in July when I play my next two monthly games.

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