Monday, 17 June 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 7-1-1

A quick update on how the Stiffs are doing. It's going to be quick primarily because I played this game a week and a half ago so my memory is a bit foggy.

The Stiffs have played their 9th game of the season at Stillwater Cemetery. In front of 25,000 fans (our biggest crowd yet) Coach Gus' Orc team; The Snaggletoof Stranglers, made the trek West to try and inflict an embarrassing defeat on the Stiffs in front of their loyal fans.

I had the Fame for this match but then lost the roll for kick-off so Gus decided to receive. I set up with open wide zones to tempt him down one side and then press him into the sideline. My cunning plan worked but unfortunately Nuffle was going to make me pay for my over-confidence. My kick-off scattered right up to the line of scrimmage into Gus' left hand wide zone and bounced directly into the hands of his waiting Blitzer. From there Gus progressed down his left wing and, while a very fortunate kick-off result for him, I thought I could manage to contain him. Not so easy it seems as for my first turn I rolled six block dice, 4 of which were Skulls or Both Downs, and my turn was quickly over leaving me one re-roll down. This kind of luck was to continue to plague me for the first quarter leaving Gus up by 1 Touchdown and me frantically looking to find an equaliser. It wasn't to come and the first half ended with Gus ahead by 1.

In the second half I set up as below and prayed to Nuffle for better dice.

Nuffle answered my prayers and while I still seemed to see an uncanny amount of Double Skulls my re-rolls came up good. I managed to push Gus' line back and get a cage set up. I foolishly left an opening which Gus capitalised on and spilled the ball loose but at this point Nuffle thankfully decided to even out the law of averages and Gus found his Orcs incapable of dodging or picking up the ball. I managed to throw my Tomb Guardians into the ruck around the ball and clear out enough Orcs to run in Jumpin' Jack's new replacement; Dodgy Dave. Like a pro he grabbed the ball and sprinted for the endzone. He managed to touchdown before the final whistle drawing even and leaving the Stiffs with a hard fought draw.

A good game against Gus if a little frustrating but these games happen sometimes. I've been on the lucky side of the dice plenty of times so it's only natural they are going to come up on the opposite side a few times as well, and I'm grateful at least that the bad luck was shared throughout the game leaving me with a second half opportunity. Less hubris and better positioning could have saved me but you learn from your mistakes. A good game and a great opponent.

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