Monday, 3 June 2013

Menoth - The Crusade...kinda resurges...for a moment...

After so much Fantasy recently I'm a bit Fantasyed out so I'm very keen to be playing other game systems right now. Seeing how much fun all the Warmachine guys were having at Ides of May I thought it was high time I broke out the Menoth for a game and begin to refresh myself on the rules.

I talked to Garth down at the club and asked if he wouldn't mind teaching me the game. He was very kind and brought along an incredibly soft army for me to challenge. We agreed to a 15 point game and a 20 point game so I turned up with what I had and set up after a few helpful pointers from Garth. We got the game underway and I started trying to dust off my rather vague memory of the rules. Here's some photos I took of the 15 point game:

I managed to take out one of Garth's Buccaneers early and then tried to maul his other jacks with what I had left.

My Repenter ran off on his own to try and defeat the Mariner...and promptly got slammed...

My Crusader tried to finish off the last Buccaneer after dealing with Garth's Freebooter.

My Repenter lined up the Mariner again to have another go.

I didn't get any photos of the 20 point game as I was putting not only unpainted models on the table but also unassembled *gasp* which I was a bit embarrassed about against Garth's fully painted army. Both games were really good fun and really helpful in terms of getting my head around the rules. Garth definitely showed me I have a lot to learn about the finer details of the rules; such as the various different attacks Warjacks can use, and being an experienced Menoth player he also gave me some great pointers on how to better use my army. It was hugely inspiring and has given me a lot of impetus to play more Warmachine. My only disappointment was in not being able to field a fully painted army. With my Menoth I really didn't want to be putting unpainted models on the table, my rule was going to be "If they aren't painted they aren't being played". I'm not far off 15 points with only a Choir unit to finish so I'll have to find some time to get these guys finished before the next game.

That's all for another post. There's more to come as I've just returned from a Blood Bowl Tournament in Blenheim so I'll start sorting through the photos this week and hopefully have a post up by the weekend.

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