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Blood Bowl in Blenvegas

Over Queen's Birthday weekend a group of us Christchurch Blood Bowlers made a trip up to Blenheim for the first annual "Mootborough Sauvignon Block". There was a total of eight; six of us from Christchurch, Chris; our host, and a mate of his from Hamilton; Alex. We managed 5 rounds of gaming with a lot of drinking in between. I took the Khemrian version of the Stiffs with Mighty Blow on all my Tomb Guardians, Tackle on my two Blitz-Ras and Block on my two Throw-Ras. In the end I placed about midfield (4th out of 8) which wasn't too bad given how close two of my games were. The Khemri performed quite well with Mighty Blow really paying dividends against bash teams. I didn't get a lot of injuries but the stuns and knockouts gave me a good numbers advantage in most games. Speaking of which, here are the game photos:

Game 1 - Si the Welshman

Si brought the Municipals all the way up North with a truckload of Guard and a sprinkle of block. He also put Break Tackle on his Ogre which proved to be an incredibly useful skill.

The 14,000 fans packed into the stands. We set up and kicked off.

The Human Blitzers danced and pranced and my boys did their best to drag them down.

Si was one up on me until right before the final whistle where Jumpin' Jack Flash managed to dive over for a Touchdown.

A great game with Si and very challenging to keep up with a Break Tackle Ogre. Casualties came up as 2 all with Cleo causing a death and then another Human Blitzer being sent to the after life after tripping on a streaker. Gebaut the Groper was seriously injured and failed his regen but he came right for the next game. Biggest moment of all in the game however had to be when Jumpin Jack Flash put up a pass and it was actually caught by another player! Yes that's right! A Khemrian Throw-Ra with a completion! A really awesome game to start the Mootborough.

Game 2 - Paul the Pome

Paul reaches for the deodorant to tone down the stench of Undead against Nurgle.

Ronaldo goes for the equaliser.

Paul had brought his Nurgle team; Poetry in Motion, up for the weekend and was looking to wrap up my Tomb Guardians in his Beast's slimy tentacles. The crowd of 17,000 began the mexican wave and it was time to kick off. I can't remember who received first but I think it was me and I played the grinding game before running in a Touchdown with Ronaldo. Paul managed to equalise so we were all tied up at the second half where I believe Paul received. At this point the Stiff's casualty machine really kicked into gear and Nurgle Warriors were being dragged off the field left right and centre. But just as Nuffle giveth, he also taketh away. When it was looking like a walk over for my lads I went to make a blitz action to clear a player off a loose ball. I only needed a push but of course the two dice block came up with double skulls. One re-roll later and the dice had changed from double skulls to one skull and one both down. Without block against a pestigor who did have block my skeleton went down in a heap. Paul's Pestigor then made a string of 4+ rolls to pick up the ball and dodge through a handful of tackle zones like a Halfling. I had been a bit too over confident and had brought my sweeper forward to help out with the ruck so when I tried to race a Blitz-Ra back to cover Nuffle decided to punish my hubris yet again by tripping him up on his 'Go For It' roll. Paul walked in to make the score 2-1 and I was left wondering where it all went wrong.

Overall though some good things to take out of this game. I out beat the Nurgle in casualties 4-2 and despite the last few rolls of the dice I felt like I really did control the match. Unfortunately the loss isn't the only bad news to come from this game. Jumpin' Jack Flash, in a mad desire to get to the ball, tried a most unKhemrian of tactics and attempted what other teams call a 'dodge'. With Jack it looked more like he was rolling down a staircase and when he finally stopped, team physio; Igor Icanfixit wasn't able to glue all the parts back together again. Rest in peace Jack, your Blood Bowl career was short but eventful.

The evening entertainment...

I didn't take a camera out with us when we went to see the Blenheim nightlife but here is an image I found on the interwebs of Simon and Alex.

Chris and I quit early because we knew we had some serious Blood Bowling to do the following day (the others said we were just old but we know we're just dedicated to the game) kindly enough though when the two Tims returned home at 5am they mad sure I was awake and invigorated so that I would be in peak condition for my morning game.

Game 3 - Alex from the Tron

My third game was against Alex...he was having a tough morning. It's safe to say his focus was dedicated more towards keeping last night's dinner down rather than the game at hand.

So I scored against Alex after receiving and then in order to equalise he simply created a pitch invasion that stunned 9 of my 11 players...well played sir...well played.

Ronaldo retrieved the ball and bolted for the endzone in an attempt to find the winning Touchdown.

My game against Alex was very quickly played. After emptying the contents of his stomach all over Chris' spare room floor and bathroom Alex was feeling a little under the weather. Thankfully however it was an incredibly simple game. 20,000 fans clambered into the stadium (my biggest crowd all tournament) to see the Stiffs and Da Rollerz go head to head. Casualties came out even at one each; Bill Emik was badly hurt and Verkummern seriously injured one of Alex's Blitzers. The game started with me receiving and grinding downfield to score. I thought I'd be pretty safe for the rest of the half but then I rolled a 'Pitch Invasion' result on the kick off table and it seems Alex's fans were not at all happy about me scoring that Touchdown. They left nine of my players stunned and allowed Alex to walk over in two turns for an equaliser. In the second half my lads decided they had, had enough of this and were going to win the old fashioned way. They barged into Alex's Orcs, turned the ball over and ran in the winning Touchdown. I can't remember who scored which but the Touchdowns were shared between Ronaldo and Jack's new replacement; Dodgy Dave.

Game 4 - Tim the Orcy one.

Clearly a thinking man's game.

The thin green line.

I won't harp on about this one. Tim's dice were rubbish and mine were good, when it came to armour rolls they were hideously good. Cas came out 4-1 and score 2-1. The cas were going so one way that just for the lolz I fouled Tim's Troll with my Tomb Guardian; Verkummern to see what would happen. Sure enough the Troll was seriously injured but Verks was sent off in the process. Both Touchdowns were scored by Ronaldo.

Game 5 - Gil the Metaller

This is Gil. He's from Eeeeengland.

Kill the Elves!

My final game for the weekend was against Gil who was playing Elves for the weekend. The Blocking House 3rd XI had made their way up to Blenheim to show us how they could dance. 12,000 fans lined the seats for the Stiffs' final match. This was my lowest crowd for the weekend and I think it really shows what low opinions people have of Elves.

Oh my god what an awful game this was. I received first and set up for the upfield grind. Gil had brought Eldril Sidewinder who was being a royal pain at breaking up my cage but thankfully I managed to foul him off the pitch. It came down to turn eight and all I needed was a single 'Go for It' to score. What happens...1 and then another 1. Textbook Blood Bowl. To make matters worse the ball scattered into the crowd who then launched it back into the middle of the field next to one of my Tomb Guardians. Gil, with no re-rolls, moves a lineman in, picks up the ball, dodges out, goes for it twice, makes a short pass and then runs a catcher in for a Touchdown. It was like my game against Paul all over again.

The second half consisted of me systematically destroying Gil's team to make sure he had no passing options. Unfortunately I took a bit too long and didn't get enough guys up field to stop Gil from throwing the ball downfield in the last turn to put scoring out of range for me. I did take some solace out of the fact I left him with only two players on the field by the end of the game.

Wrap up

While I was pretty disappointed with my two loses, not so much about losing but about how I lost, I did really enjoy the weekend. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see Khemri doing so well in a tournament format. A great weekend and I'd definitely do it again.

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