Friday, 31 May 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 7-1-0

A quick post because I'm falling a bit behind. Over a week ago now I played my eighth game in the BCL against Scott's Human team the Darkfall Dodgers and the Stiffs managed to pull off another win. It was an interesting game as Scott's Humans were very different to the last Human team I played; Dave's Tartars. He had an Ogre in his team to help hold the line and the stock standard four Blitzers but he had no Catchers and a high number of his guys were unskilled due to some unfortunate casualties in previous games. Scott started about 150k down on me so he took Helmut Wulf and a Bloodweiser Babe as an inducement. We did the necessary dice rolling and I ended up receiving for the first half.

Helmut was target priority number one and once I managed to get him off the field with a knock out Scott's Ogre became target number two. I was only hoping to keep the Ogre down and away from the play but I got lucky in the end and sent him off with a casualty. I did the standard 8 turn grind and went 1 up at half time.

Here's the play 5 turns in:

In the second half Scott received and sent Blitzers down field for a pass. He left his thrower deep in his own zone and I realised then that he had Hail Mary Pass on his Thrower. I sent a chaser after his Thrower while trying to cover his Blitzers who were worming their way all through my half of the field. Eventually Scott had to put up the Hail Mary and it dropped just one square short of his Blitzer. I managed to recover and grind down the other end to make the score 2-0 just before the final whistle.

A close game in the end with Cas 2-1 to the Stiffs and me being very lucky to come out with a bonus TD. The Groper scored one of the TDs and a Cas, Ronaldo came up with the other TD and Verkummern chalked up another Cas bringing his total to 5. No skill ups out of this match so we will wait with bated breath for the next round.

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