Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tempest 2013

After hearing Dystopian Wars was going to be played at Tempest this year I was quite excited at the prospect of dusting off the Japanese and taking them out on the deep blue sea again. The army format was to use the starter box models so I had everything painted already meaning there would thankfully be no last minute, all night painting sessions. I do believe this may be the first time I have ever attended a tournament with a fully painted army. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

There were four games over one day using either all models in the box or a limited selection of them. All the missions were focused on objectives rather than just 'stand em up, knock em down' and to Sass' credit they were both challenging and very interesting. As well as being extremely hilarious on occasions.

I had mixed results with the dice which gave me great elation at times but was often quickly followed by heartbreak as things went south. As I continued to drown my sorrows on every poor roll and celebrate my resounding successes on every good roll with a cold beer I found myself becoming less than sober throughout the day to the point where my support squad, who had shown up with the intention of only sharing my beer, had to step in for me and win the final game.

Overall a great day out and a thoroughly enjoyable tournament. I snapped a few photos so here's how it went:

Game 1 - Playing against Jamie's Federated States of America

In this scenario we had to claim the three refineries in the middle of the board.

Things started well with me grabbing the refinery on my right flank and bombarding the centre of the board.

Jamie grabbed the centre refinery and was looking like he would grab the one on my left flank.

After some lucky rolling the refinery on my left flank blew up taking a good portion of Jamie's fleet with it and I came out with a win...all due to talent and skill...of course. Well there was no one else there to witness the game so that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Game 2 - Playing against Alan's Russians

This mission was a lot of fun. The exploding dice mechanic allowed you to roll a further two dice instead of one on any original roll of a 6. Any further 6's after the first roll were treated in the normal way. The unfortunate part for me was that if you rolled more 1's than 6's you took Hit Points off your own boats.

Here's our deployment. I didn't take any photos after this one because it seems I had stocked up on cheap chinese ammunition and did as much damage to myself as I did to Alan. It was at about this point I started drinking rather than taking photos.

Game 3 - Playing against Clinton's Federated States of America

This mission was a bombing run. Your Battleship was used but played almost no part in the game. It was simply a target for the Bombers to hit. Long story short, we attacked with pretty much the same models but when we got close enough to bomb the Battleship Clinton rolled terribly while our rolls (our being Mark and I as I had drunk so much beer I was needing help with dice management) were spectacular. The American ship sunk and the Japanese celebrated with Sushi and Sake.

Our deployment before the bombing runs.

Clinton sinking all my Frigates.

The bombers pass by each other on their way to their respective targets.

Game 4 - Playing against Chris' Prussians

The final game for the day was a vortex scenario where every turn all ships would get sucked a few inches in towards a vortex in the middle of the board. If anything touched the vortex they would be destroyed.

Here's my torpedo bombers overlooking the evil vortex. Oooooooooo.

The left flank was where most of the fighting happened. Chris' Cruisers, Bombers and Battleship against my Cruisers, Bombers and Frigates. With a few Torpedo Bombers thrown in for good measure.

The vortex dragged Chris' ships into each other causing a bit of a train wreck.

In the end there wasn't much remaining on the left flank.

This game came down to who got the closest to the vortex. Both Chris and I misread the rules thinking it was the closest model but in fact it was the closest Battleship so we ('we' being drunk Nathan and dice caddy Mark) pulled off an unintentional win. Well I suppose that's not entirely true. We did 'intend' to win, we just had no idea how to do it.

So all in all a great tournament. Really good day out with good gaming, great opponents and good beer. I'm definitely keen for more of these events so I look forward to the next.

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