Thursday, 25 April 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 5-1-0

After a hard fought game with Julio the Stiffs have suffered their first lost for the season. Well done to Julio for a very well played game and it's certainly opened my eyes to a few holes in my team I need to fill; especially with my lack of tackle.

I'll keep it pretty brief because it's late and I want to go to bed. This is how it went:

I had 290,000 to spend on inducements so I took a wizard and a bribe. Julio got fame and won the coin toss so decided to kick first turn.

I received and got stuck in to hitting before retrieving the ball. Things were going ok with the only exception being that I wasn't getting a lot of knockdowns. But ultimately I had Julio's team under control. Then I had one bad turn with the block dice where I rolled nothing but push-backs and skulls or both downs. This left Julio with an opportunity to break my cage and turnover the ball. He did so and picked up a bouncing ball in three tacklezones with his Witch Elf then ran her down field. I zapped her with the wizard and retrieved the ball but my chance to score was lost.

This was the set up at the start of the second half:

Once again I forgot my camera so had to put up with the rubbishy i-phone.

I got to hitting but once again really struggled to knock anyone over, especially Julio's star Witch Elf. I fouled and fouled but could only get stunned results. Julio just kept dodging away from my Tomb Guardians so I didn't get to hit much and in his turn 6 he jogged over for a touchdown. I set up for the Khemri passing play to try and score within three turns but I couldn't get the 6 when I needed it and the clock ran out of time.

A great game with Julio and a lot of lessons learned from me. I definitely need some tackle so I took this on the Gropper who got a skill up after the game. I also need to hit more with my Tomb Guardians so I need to focus on better positioning to make sure they keep players in their tacklezones.

It wasn't a total loss however, while I lost the game I won the casualty count 3-0 with Brittle Bones Brucie taking two casualties; one of them a death. Cleo grabbed the third casualty putting her up to three total.

Well it's good at least to be rid of the Spike trophy and the inevitable scorn that comes with it. Time to pick myself up and focus on the next game. I need to find a soft squishy team that stays in one place and simply allows me to beat them senseless...hmmmmm...I'll ponder that one and organise a game in a couple of weeks. Until then enjoy the short week and make sure you pay your respects to our ANZACs by buying a poppy or three.

Lest we forget...

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