Thursday, 11 April 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 5-0-0

In front of 25,000 cheering fans the Stiffs have defended the Spike Trophy for another week. This week I played Gil's Chaos Pact who were a pretty daunting prospect. There were three Big Guys, two of whom had Block! Here's a shot of what I was staring down at:

Gil received for the first half, faked to his left and then did a quick hand-off to run a guy down his right where I had left too much of a gap. He scored within three turns leaving me with six turns to try and get an equaliser. On the return I ended up catching the ball off the kick off with a Skeleton so instead of risking a hand-off to my Throw-Ra; Ronaldo, I tried to grind down field with him. I burned through my re-rolls to fix bad blocks from my Tomb Guardians so by turn 7 I was eleven squares from a touchdown with no re-rolls. With skeletons being movement 5 I would need to make at least one go for it roll to score so I figured it would be best to do it now where I had a chance to recover in turn 8 rather than risk it all on the last turn. Sure enough my Skeleton tripped on his bootlace and it was all over to Gil. Unfortunately for him he had some really bad dice and I had a chance on turn 8 to score with Ronaldo. In true Star Player form he picked up the ball and made the two go for its to dive into the endzone before the halftime siren.

In the second half Gil could only put eight players on the field due to a number of lucky armour and injury rolls on my behalf and some very unlucky KO rolls on his behalf. Gil kicked off and I got stuck into hitting whatever I could.

The ball landed slightly to my left so I pushed left a little, then shifted right when that seemed a better option, and then shifted left again as the situation improved out there. Gil's rolls didn't get any better so I just focused on keeping his Big Guys tied up and then protecting Ronaldo as he jogged down field for a second Touchdown. One turn left and Gil was hoping for a Riot on the kick-off table to have a chance at drawing even. The Riot didn't happen and the game ended with Gill beating the snot out of my Skeletons on the line and maliciously fouling one of my Tomb Guardians (so much hate).

It's a relief to have beaten Gil's team. Those Big Guys are extremely scary, especially with two that have Block. Also a relief not to have to play him later in the league as some of his skill-ups have made some rather evil looking players. Apart from those two god-awful Big Guys with Block he also has a +1 Agility Marauder and a +1 Movement Marauder. Looking at my skill-ups I'm relieved with how some of my guys have progressed. All my Tomb Guardians now have Mighty Blow, Verkummern the Vile also has Guard and Ronaldo picked up another skill so I gave him Leader to help me out with Re-Rolls a bit.

My next game is against Julio and his Dark Elfs who I believe have not yet lost a game. Unfortunately he is heading back to the Canary Islands soon so it will be good to get a game in before he takes off. It'll be interesting too as we've never had a Dark Elf team in the league before so I'm not sure how to play against them. My only practise has been on the Cyanide computer game and it has not ended well for me. The game is in two weeks so we'll wait and see.

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