Monday, 1 April 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 4-0-0

Two weeks since my last post and it feels like a lifetime. Given my past history two weeks isn't actually too bad but there's been so much going on and so many stories to tell it seems closer to two months.

The best place to start for now I think would be an update on the Stillwater Stiffs. Not only have they managed to score a fourth win in the BCL league but they were also fortunate enough to participate as part of the Kiwi team in the Ausbowl Inter-State Championships! Ausbowl was a whole lot of fun but now is not the best time to elaborate on it as I have had a very busy Easter and need to get some sleep before work tomorrow. For now I'll post a quick update about the BCL and come back a little later in the week with the Ausbowl details.

Dave was my latest opponent in the BCL. He is playing Humans and has a beautifully converted and painted Kislevite team he picked up off e-bay. I have a stash of Kislevite models in the garage I some day hope to build a Warhammer Fantasy army out of so when I saw Dave's team; The Tartars, take to the field I must admit that I got a bit of Toy Soldier jealousy. An exquisite team and a fantastic opponent to play.

The game was played a week and a half ago now so my memory of it is a bit foggy, but I'll recite things as best I can.

I received in the first half. I set up for the eight turn grind and as Dave stepped back with his right flank I decided to push down this side of the field as you can see in the photo above. Dave's positioning was fantastic and I was really struggling to out-muscle him. In the end I think he just stepped too far back with his right flank and didn't keep an even line which allowed me to break a hole, rush through with enough guys to form an inverted cage and walk over for the turn eight touchdown. One of the interesting things you'll notice about the picture above is that I have only three Tomb Guardians. This is because Dave maliciously fouled one of my Tomb Guardians while he happened to be taking a brief nap (I would have done the same). Thankfully he came up only as Badly Hurt so is good to return next game but I swear I almost had an aneurysm when he was rolling for injury. Playing Khemri certainly seems to be taking years off my life every time a Tomb Guardian hits the turf.

In the second half Dave played quite defensively after receiving the ball and waited for an opportunity. Unfortunately my positioning and dice were good enough that one never came and eventually he was left with so few players on the field that he just had to try a risky pass. Nuffle was not on Dave's side this day and it didn't stick. The clock ticked down and the Stiffs came out with another win.

I've written the score down as 1-0 to me but I have a funny suspicion it might have been 2-0. I'll have to double check with Dave next time I see him. One thing is for sure and that is that Dave won the casualty count. 2-1 in his favour which is a bit of an embarrassment for Khemri. Dave played exceptionally well with his blocking and his Ogre was the bane of my existence. Thankfully Dusty knocked him out in the second half and I could breath a little easier. All in all a great game against a great opponent and some more lessons learned to carry over to the next game.

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