Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Red Jacket

A quick update before I go to bed about a recently finished model. Months ago I bought a Stormtalon gunship for my Space Marines to give the new flyer rules a go. As is so often the case with me I got stuck into painting it and then it somehow got put to one side and left to gather dust while I started other projects.

A month ago however I imbued myself with a new desire to actually finish some of these half started projects and the Stormtalon is the result of this newly found enthusiasm.

The Stormtalon has been mockingly nicknamed the 'Flying Potato' for what I would imagine are obvious reasons, though I find I quite like the model. I think, because most of the other flyers brought out so far have been planes, that Marine players were expecting a model with a more jet-like appearance. What we got instead was a gunship and hence something more akin to an attack helicopter rather than a jet fighter. I don't think most people have made this connection yet and hence keep complaining about the total lack of aerodynamics. However while I do quite like the model I still get frustrated with some of the aesthetics. The turret in my mind is far too big, as are the missile pods, and it really does ruin the overall effect of the model. None the less I'll still be fielding it in my army from time to time.

That's all for another post. I've got a game organised with Dave this Thursday for the BCL so I'll have another league update soon. In addition I'll be in Adelaide this weekend playing in the Ausbowl Blood Bowl competition so I'll be sure to post a run down of the event when I get back.

Until then remember that it's only really cheating if someone catches you red-handed...

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