Sunday, 10 March 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 3-0-0

Yay! Another win for the Stiffs. This time against Tim's Orc team; the Souffbay Savages. I'm over the moon about defeating an Orc team finally as they seem to be my Achilles heel, however before I rest on my laurels too much there is certainly a lot more I could do better next time.

I was so caught up in the game that I forgot to take photos so I apologise for the lack of illustration in this post. Here's a quick run down of how the game went:

Tim decided to receive first so I set up the standard 3 Skellies on the line and 4 Tomb Guardians behind them with the Blitz'Ras and Throw'Ra in the wide zones. Tim proceeded to beat my Skellies senseless while he retrieved the ball and moved it to his right side (my left). Tim was quite focused on stepping away from my Tomb Guardians so with nothing to hit I just tried to position them where they would be most annoying. He tried to push further down his right side so I plugged that gap and when he found he couldn't get through there he pushed some Black Orcs and Blitzers down his left side where I was weaker, I assume this was to set up a passing play. By about Turn 4 there were two pockets of Orcs on the field. The Thrower in a cage  on Tim's right hand side of the pitch and a potential receiver or two on his left side of the pitch. The throwing cage had taken a step or two backwards while the receiving cage had pushed it's way down field a bit so the gap between them was becoming quite substantial. I saw an opportunity and took it; I moved all of my Tomb Guardians to cover the Thrower's cage as their Strength meant Tim's superior numbers wouldn't matter much, then shifted the rest of my team to force the receiving cage into the sideline. The plan worked in the sense that Tim couldn't pull off a pass and I was eventually able to sack his Thrower by about Turn 7 or 8. The half ended at 0-0 which to me is a big success for Khemri going into a second half where they are receiving.

The second half was nothing flash. It was a typical eight turn drive with me pushing up the middle and eventually scoring in my right endzone. There wasn't too much Tim could have done I don't think. My dice were hot, while I wasn't getting many casualties I was getting a lot of knockdowns and quite a few stuns which meant Tim had very few blocking options. He did a great job of dodging his Orcs away from the Tomb Guardians and sideline and trying to disrupt my push to the endzone. Unfortunately for him in the last turn my block dice were amazing and I knocked down everything I hit leaving my star Throw'Ra; Ronaldo, with a clear walk to the line. Final score was 1-0 to the Stiffs with a 1-1 Cas score. I had killed one of Tim's Black Orcs which he Apothecaried to Badly Hurt and Tim seriously injured a Skeleton; Ana Reksit who is missing the next game with a broken jaw.

In hindsight I think Tim was a bit unused to being out-muscled and he stepped away from my line quite a bit when he could have been focusing on beating up my Skellies. I think had he been more aggressive I would not have come out with a win so there is certainly something to learn from this game. I have no idea how to get through that '9 armour' so I'm hoping skilling up my Blitz'Ras with Mighty Blow and Piling On may aid me a little next time round. I am also very keen to get a Skellie with Dirty Player who could have been a real help in this game. Anyway, it's another win in the bank and I'll never complain about that. I also managed to defend the Spike Trophy for one round which means I'm not a one hit wonder so I can now lose the trophy with some sense of pride. Not sure when my next game will be or with who but I still need to complete one more before the end of March so there'll definitely be another post over the next two weeks.

Before I sign off I thought I would post up the team photo for the new look Stillwater Stiffs. The change in tactics has meant a few players have been cut in order to bring in a bit more muscle. Since the death of my previous Captain; Bubba Hotep, my star Blitzer Bruchige Knochen, better known as 'Brittle Bones Brucie', has taken over captaincy of the team. Tinderbox and Verkummern remain as blockers in the team with two rookie blockers; Dusty and Cleo, joining the front line. Ronaldo is the only runner who remains from last year's team with the rest being either released or finding contracts elsewhere. Jack Springen has joined the team after the previous game as the second rookie runner and lastly we've had a complete overhaul of the midfield with all the Zombies being released to bring in speedier players in support of the reduced backfield. We're hoping for great things from the linemen with Arthritic Bob already making a name for himself chalking up two casualties in the first two games, including a death.

That's me for another week or two. I'll try to remember photos next time though it is hard to keep it in mind when you get so caught up in the game. If any BCL leaguers read this blog then best of luck in your games and remember that the only score that counts is the casualty differential!


  1. This was a great game, and in hindsight i should have backed my amour 9 a little more and been a tad more aggressive, i put alot of it down to it being about my third BB game in 10 years and not having played Khemeri before, combine that with your devastating reputation i think that weighed in on a lot of my plays as well. And that last turn i still remember that, block dice from the Undead gods ha ha.

  2. Yeah the reputation is a load of crap all built on a strong foundation of bullshit and trash-talk I have worked very hard at developing over the last year.

    Totally know what you mean though. I remember my first game back to Blood Bowl after a 5 year hiatus against Gus and looking back now I would have played it completely differently.