Friday, 22 February 2013

Two years today

It's eerie how quickly these things roll round but today marks two years to the day since the Feb 22nd earthquake here in Christchurch. While an event like that will never be a fond memory for anyone, for me it is even worse than most as on that day I was working across the road from the CTV building which claimed 115 lives. It's certainly not a memory I would wish on anyone and one I'd like to forget, though I am eternally grateful I didn't personally know anyone who perished in the quake. Having talked to a few who do it is abundantly clear this is a pain that will take a long time to weaken.

There are however two silver linings which have come from the quakes for me personally. The first is that it has helped myself and a large number of others develop a greater appreciation for what is truly important in life. The idea of losing someone close to you is a great wake up call to the insignificance of all those petty problems in life such as money or material possession. And of course living without power for a couple of weeks means you no longer take hot showers and cold beer for granted either.

The second silver lining is that while I lost a number of models in the quake I also salvaged a few that were repairable. As a hobbyist I have really enjoyed piecing them back together over the past couple of years and today marks the final touches on the last model.

Last year I posted the start of this model as I completed the Thunderfire Cannon and now I have finally completed the Techmarine that goes with it. I'm very disappointed with the photographs which do no justice to the model at all though I can only blame my poor photography skills and rather amateur set up for that. Bad photos aside I'm happy with the final result and certainly look forward to fielding him fully painted on the tabletop again.

I probably won't post for the earthquake anniversary in future years as I've run out of models to repair so it's lost it's hobby segue now for me. But for this year and for all the years to come I wish you all the very best. My condolences to all of you who have lost someone or know someone who has and my hope, for all Cantabrians, is that as the years pass this day becomes less about mourning those we have lost and more about treasuring those we still have.

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