Thursday, 28 February 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 2-0-0

Phew! What a game! I don't know how they did it but the Stiffs managed to hold on for their second win of the season and got their hands on the Spike Trophy to boot. It was an awesome game against Simon this week and those bloody Elves were every bit annoying as they're rumoured to be. They would never stay in one place long enough for me to hit them and that abortion of a Star Blitzer kept jumping into my cage and laying a big, meaty, strength 4 smackdown on poor, defenceless Ronaldo; my Throw'Ra. Very briefly the game went like this:

I received first half where Simon promptly jumped his Blitzer into my cage, knocked the ball loose and scored off a dazzling passing play involving a string of 5's and 6's and a lot of gnashing of teeth from my side of the table. After that I started using Simon's magical dice of amazeballs and did the Harlem grind for the remainder of the half to score in my final turn. Verkummern the Vile sent an Elf to the morgue in the process.

In the second half Simon had it all over me as I desperately tried to cover his passing play down my left side. He played for time a little and then the dice abandoned him for two turns which was enough time for me to press his cage against the sideline and push them into the crowd. Simon was forced into making a low probability pass and I got a lucky intercept with a skeleton. After that it was blitz and counter blitz as my team fumbled the ball down field until Ronaldo finally picked up the ball to run in for a touchdown. Final score 2-1 and Cas 3-0 to the Stiffs.

Really good game and definitely makes me want to give a dash team a try. I don't think I can lower myself to playing Elves but Simon suggested Skaven so maybe next season I'll give them a whirl. As you can see Simon really enjoyed the game too.

A couple of skill ups from this game that will help me next round. I now have two Tomb Guardians with Mighty Blow; Dusty and Verkummern and Ronaldo with his brace of touchdowns has upskilled with Block which will help keep him on his feet. Looking forward to the next game.

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