Thursday, 21 February 2013

New season, new team...kinda...

The new season of Blood Bowl has started here in Christchurch and the Stillwater Stiffs are returning to defend their championship title. However while the team name remains the same the race is drastically different. This year I thought I would really challenge myself and try playing Khemri. So going from a flexible and adaptable team I've shifted to a single minded killing machine. It'll be a tough challenge for me but hopefully a high casualty count will keep me amused during the games I lose. Here's the team I started with:

Tonight was my first game against Daryl's Chaos team called "Bruised, bloodied, bleeding". I'm certainly glad I'm playing him early because the two Chaos teams in the league are going to be murderers towards the end of the season. Daryl's team consisted of four Chaos Warriors and seven Beastmen. He had played only one game previous to ours so he had one skill up and that was a Chaos Warrior with Block. Very briefly the game went like this:

I won the roll and elected to receive for the first half. I was fortunate enough to roll a 6 for my first pick up with a Blitz'Ra and formed a wide cage starting the slow grind up field. On turn eight I walked in a touchdown with Daryl having a badly hurt Beastman and Chaos Warrior and me having a Skeleton with a broken jaw and another who was knocked out. We finished off the last turn of the half with Daryl stunning three of my Skeletons on the line and me waking up my knocked out skeleton for the second half.

The second half was a little more eventful with Daryl receiving and after making a number of blocks he dropped the ball on the pick up. After that he threw his Beastman playing fullback into the scrimmage and left the ball open for my other Blitz'Ra to run in a second touchdown for the Stiffs. From then onwards we both focused on beating each other senseless. Daryl put one of my Tomb Guardians into the casualty bin as badly hurt (I almost went into cardiac arrest while he was rolling up the injuries) and Arthritic Bob; my number '12' Skeleton, killed Daryl's number '4' Beastman to earn his second casualty of the night. Final score was 2-0 to the Stiffs with a 3-2 Cas count.

Daryl's pretty new to the game so was doing a lot of learning as we went. I can certainly see that by about game 9 his Chaos team is going to be a ruthless, killing machine. Even more so than the Khemri. I'm certainly not looking forward to playing them again. There are a lot of human teams in the league though so maybe if I play the draw well enough I'll be able to avoid it  ; )

First game down and a win for the Stiffs. Also one of my Tomb Guardians managed to get a casualty so with the selective MVP rules he has picked up the Mighty Blow skill which will be extremely useful for next game. Speaking of which, I organised game number two with Simon's Pro Elves, so keep an eye out and I should have another update about this time next week.

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