Thursday, 7 February 2013


I haven't been getting much painting done lately because I've had so much other stuff going on such as visiting rellies, a trip to the coast, a mate's wedding and a tournament this weekend. All in all it's left me with little time or motivation to paint any of my own models. Gaming on the other hand I have been quite tempted by. And so it is that when a friend suggested we spend an afternoon chilling out with a few beers trying a new game I agreed without hesitation.

The game in question was Dust. I've had my eye on it for a while but have always avoided purchasing it for the same reason I'm always reluctant to purchase new games; they just end up as unpainted models sitting in the cupboard. However a while ago another friend of mine bought the starter box and offered to sell me the Germans. After picking up one of the Laser Grenadier models I was easily convinced and within the space of 30 mins had somehow ended up with a small force of Krauts, despite my best intentions.

The idea behind Dust is brilliant in it's simplicity. It is basically World War II with a steampunk twist. So where you would normally have tanks you now have walkers and in addition to normal troops you also have heavy armoured infantry, jump pack infantry and guns such as phasers and laser cannons. Dust can be played in two ways, as a board game or as a tabletop game. My friend; Mark, had been reading up the rules and had a pretty good grasp of the board game so we thought we'd give it a try to start. Below are pictures of our first game.

Early deployment from both sides.

My Germans line up for firing.

Mark's Allies from the point of view of my Flak Grenadiers.

Both our Walkers ended up in a face off. In the background are Laser Grenadiers and Storm Company Pioneers.

After playing two games of the board game we thought we should try the tabletop game. It took a little bit of adjusting to a new rules set again but after a few turns it became much smoother. Below is a shot of the Germans taking up firing positions against Mark's Allies.

All up we played four games: two board games and two tabletop. The Germans won the first three before we switched armies and the Germans proceeded to win again under the command of Mark this time. From this we have learned that either the boxed armies are a bit unbalanced, the Germans are a bit unbalanced or the Germans are just very easy to play. I found the Heavy Infantry were ruthless. They could put out a bucketload of firepower and they could take a total beating and come out of it ok. The allied walker is also a bit rubbish being a bit of a one trick pony. It's half decent at destroying vehicles but pretty useless against infantry. The German walker on the other hand is very versatile being alright at destroying both infantry and light vehicles.

Overall I loved the game and am very envious of Mark's painted models. I would desperately love to get my models undercoated and start painting them but I know I have other projects to finish first, and I would dearly love to keep my New Year's Resolution beyond February at least. If you get a chance to try Dust I suggest you do. It's a solid game system with a really intriguing background and I enjoyed it immensely.

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