Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hiatus at an End

I finally got around to finishing the last of my Menoth Jacks and Kreoss. So this means I can finally play games with a fully painted army! Well, very small games anyway. I still have half a dozen Cinerators to finish and I've acquired some Choir models which will help me beef out the army to about 25 points. I'm not quite sure when I'll get around to painting them as my sights are firmly set on Confederates and finishing commission work right now but maybe after June I'll pick them up as my next project. Anyways here's some pics:

Kreoss! My warband leader. I've found him to be a really good starting caster. He's got some good skills and he's very forgiving on noobs like me.

Vanquisher! I didn't really like the way the ball and chain was modelled so I've reposed it to make him look like he's in mid swing. I like the look better though I've found the join in the chain is very delicate despite pinning and a ton of glue and liquid greenstuff.

That's me for another few days. Back to the confederates as I have another ten to finish by this weekend.

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  1. Looks awesome and I agree the post is definitely better.