Saturday, 3 November 2012

Stillwater Stiffs - Wrap up for 2012

I have just now noticed that I have not made s ingle post for all of October which I'm a little disappointed in. I've been very busy lately with the Badlands event but I would still like to have at least two or three posts per month on the blog. With that in mind I'm determined to make November somewhat of a redemption. I'm flat out with organising Back to the Badlands so most work will go into that but I will be sure to get at least two posts done this month.

The first is the season wrap up for the Stillwater Stiffs. I best start with a quick game report of the Stiffs' final game of the season against the Slann team of T.L.I.K.A.I coached by Michael. In our previous match up I hammered this team 4-0 with a 5-1 Cas differential. I knew this game would not be as easy because my dice were really hot in our first game but I still hoped to beat Michael's frogs into submission and come out with a 2-1 win. Oh boy was I ever naive.

Sorry about the poor quality photo. This was the first turn of the second half with me receiving. I should explain how we got to a 2-1 score in Michael's favour by this point. I kicked off with the intention of piling on the pressure and either forcing a turnover or a quick score from Michael which would then give me 15 turns of ball possession and grinding to wear him down. In my stupidity I relied too much on my Ghouls to return the kick off and I had not left enough defence back there to cover the ball if things went wrong. Sure enough my Ghouls rolled a string of 1's and 2's for two turns allowing Michael's catchers to race through and get another point on the board. I managed to claw a point back before the end of the half and from then on I was focused on playing for the draw unless a miracle gave me an opportunity at a win. In the end I ground through to tie the game.

Towards the last couple of turns however we realised we had made a mistake. My final touchdown came from a Wight who had managed to catch a bouncing ball out of the ruck, however we had forgotten to account for the pouring rain when he caught it so he wouldn't have actually caught the ball. I did have a lot of players around that ruck who the ball may have bounced on to and they might have caught it but it also may have bounced away from the ruck and into open space as well so there was actually a very good chance Michael should have won the game. He was a good sport though and let it go seeing as we had already played out the game.

So overall a good season with the championship win but a very disappointing finish. I've been told Undead become very hard to play once you climb up to 150+ TV but with my poor performance at the Greenstone Cup on top of these last few matches makes me think it is more to do with the coach than the team. I seem to have gone off the boil so I'm going to have to do some serious study on how to get these guys firing on all cylinders before Ausbowl next year. Ausbowl? What is Ausbowl? I hear you say. Well that's a good topic for a later post. Probably early next year I'll start focusing on that.

In wrapping up the BCL here is the final table after everyone has played their 16 games.

Up and onwards from here. I've started on expanding the team so I can play them as Khemri and I'll see if I can find a couple of Werewolfs and Flesh Golems over Christmas so I can field a Necro team too. Depending on what others play in next year's BCL I'm pretty sure I will be playing either of those two. Playing the same team twice is generally frowned upon in our league so I doubt I'll play the Undead again but we'll see what the team mix is like by Feb next year.

Anyways, that's all for this update. Have a fantastic Guy Fawkes and remember to start your Christmas shopping early this year to avoid the Christmas Eve rush. The early Christmas decorations in malls really are for your benefit  ; )