Saturday, 31 March 2012

NYR - Lord of the Rings

I've completed all the models I originally wanted to for Lord of the Rings. I'm still about 30 points short of a full army but have purchased a couple of blister packs of Gundabad Blackshields which I will get on to painting so they can fill that gap. In the mean time I have a picture of the completed Shaman and Drum and also a WIP picture of the Troll who is now completed.

That's my last update for March. I had a game of Blood Bowl on Thursday so will post the results on that very soon. That's about it though so I guess it's back to the painting desk for me  : )

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Menoth - The Crusade grows...

It's been a busy month, but not for painting as you can probably tell from my lack of posts. I have managed to get a few models finished which I've finally got some photos of so I'll be able to put up at least two posts before the month is up. This is the first of those two; my next Menoth Jack for Warmachine which is at last completed. No self respecting Menite could go on Crusade without a "Crusader" Heavy Warjack, so here he is in all his dirty Hospitaller glory standing with his smaller "Repenter" cousin.

Next on the list for these guys is the Warcaster. I have a few things to finish before then but will pull him out of the box and try to make a start on him next week. I'm thinking to make him stand out I'll work quite a bit of bronze into his armour but will otherwise stay faithful to the simple Hospitaller colour scheme. More piccies later.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Stillwater Stiffs 3-0-1

The Stiffs played their fourth game of the season last night and can now breathe easy for another couple of weeks while they get to hold the Spike Trophy a little bit longer. I played Simon's human team the "Middenheim Municipals". It's pretty safe to say Simon was fighting an uphill battle in that his team had played only one game while mine had played three, so I had a few more skill ups than he did. Things didn't get any better for him when my kick-off landed right on the line of scrimmage in front of my two Mummies. It didn't take me too long to turn over the ball and Simon then spent most of, what was supposed to be his receiving half, on the defence. Despite that Simon put on a dogged defence and as much as I tried I simply could not score so the first half ended with both sides still sitting on zero.

The second half gave me the jitters at kick off. There was nothing spectacular about the kick but I kept rolling up skulls on my blocks so for the first two turns my blocking was basically ineffective and when I wanted to pick up the ball I had usually already used my re-roll to fix a Double Skull Block so my Ghouls kept fumbling the ball. Simon wasted not time in sending through Catchers and Blitzers to put pressure on me and for a time he was very close to scoring. I managed to pull it back though and get the ball safely up field. By about halfway through the second half the casualty rate was starting to show on the Municipals with five in the Dead and Injured dugout and two in the Knocked Out dugout Simon only had about eight players on the field. My Mummies screened Kannibale up field so he could safely score the winning touchdown and the game was over.

The real standout performances in this game go to Tinderbox who scored three casualties to now be sitting on five total; the highest in my team and I would hazard a guess that it is the highest in the league, also Tot the Zombie deserves a special mention; ticking up his fourth casualty which is not only unusual for a Zombie but also puts him ahead of Bubba Hotep; my other Mummy. Looks like Bubba has done a great job of training my front line, but he better pull his socks up or he might find himself cut from the team.

Lastly I've got a screenshot from the Blood Bowl computer game of my team Captain Bubba Hotep. I've been trying to fit in a couple of on-line games for some more practice which have resulted in mixed success. Despite a clumsy first half I managed to beat a Goblin team and I then played a second game against a Wood Elf team who remain my achilles heel. I came close to drawing the game with the Wood Elf player but made some foolish mistakes in the last two turns of the game to suffer a loss. I'm really struggling with the Elves, so as much as I despise the idea, I might have to start playing an Elf team to better learn how to beat them.

But that's just a crazy idea for another day. Happy wargaming everyone and if you're celebrating St Pats have a great time. : )

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Stillwater Stiffs 2-0-1

Third game down for the season against Bash'n'Dash - Jim's Ogre team. The Stiffs brought home another win with some very high rolling on the armour and injury table. I did take photos this time on my phone but they've all come out blurry so third time failing on that front. Never mind, on with the game update.

My plan was to use my players with block to take out the Snotlings while I tried to pick off the odd Ogre with my Mummies. The one thing I failed to take into account was that Snotlings are bloody difficult to catch. In the end I managed to get four of the little bastards and an Ogre in the Dead and Injured bin. The final score was 2 nil with my Ghoulish new recruit Lichbein scoring both touchdowns and my Wight Kraftig racked up two more casualties to sit on par with Bubba and Tot at three so far for the league. Not everything went well though, Jim's number 1 Ogre (currently without a name) pummelled my Ghoul - Bestatter into the turf and unfortunately he was a little too drowsy to get up...ever...

So one more win under the belt and the Spike Trophy remains in clammy, Undead hands for another couple of weeks. I'm playing Simon's humans in a fortnight and then after that I imagine I'll have to take on Paul's undefeated Underworld team. Humans I have a vague understanding of but Underworld I've never played before so it'll be an interesting game. Same approach as usual I imagine, go for the armour 7 with my Mummies and try to get his players off the field early so I have the advantage of numbers. The humans on the other hand that will not work so easily with so I'll have to come up with another plan there...but that's a story for another time.