Friday, 21 September 2012

Time for a break from Blood Bowl

A good friend happened to be in town for work this week and he brought his Dystopian Wars army along for some beers Thursday night...oh and wargaming too. After playing so much Blood Bowl recently it was a refreshing change to see some different models on our dining table. I won't go into the game because Mark's dice were atrocious and mine were on fire so it ended up being a bit one sided. I did however make sure I snapped some photos of the models on the table.

2nd turn. Mark's Antarctic on the far side of the board against my Japanese.

Mark's Bombers getting stuck in to my Frigates.

My Frigates trying to drag down one of Mark's Cruisers.

It's always good to catch up with a mate I haven't seen in a while and of course that is always made better when beer, fish and chips and wargaming are all involved. More than that it made me realise how much Blood Bowl has consumed my world lately and this one game has ignited a desire to escape from Blood Bowl for a time and see what else is out there. Time to get that last BCL match out of the way so I can put the Blood Bowl team on the shelf for a month or two I think...

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  1. You can recreate that game so easily. Just set the table back up, put your models on there, and then put down your dice with 5s and 6s :P

    Great to see you again. I think reading and changing armies is a good idea though... particularly the former.