Friday, 14 September 2012

Stillwater Stiffs - Greenstone Cup or Bust

One hour before I'm to be picked up and taken to the airport and I've finally finished painting my team. Well, I've finished painting them to a tolerable standard for the tournament. There's still some touching up to be done which should hopefully go unnoticed by the people I play but I've run out of time so I'll have to do that when I get back. I'm definitely looking forward to this, to make things even more exciting, just a few days ago I received an order I made to Impact Miniatures for a bunch of cool gubbins to use in my games. New Dice, skill rings to mark out my skilled players (no blutak or twisty ties for me) and weather tokens as well as inducement tokens which I imagine I won't be using. The customer service from Tom who runs this site was excellent so if you want to buy some unique Blood Bowl merchandise then check it out: Impact

Anyway time is short as I still have to pack so I'll refrain from making this post lengthy. Here is the photo I took of the team just before I painted their numbers on their bases.

It's so good to have a team that looks like it's fully painted. I can't wait to play them! I'll be taking my camera up so hopefully I'll remember to take some photos of the games (history does not bode well for that) and I'll be able to give you a tournement report when I get back.

That's it for now, wish me luck!  :)

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