Monday, 3 September 2012

Stillwater Stiffs - BCL Champs and the Road to Auckland

Although it's not technically final yet the Stillwater Stiffs have been announced as BCL champs as no one can now catch them in the standings. The only thing they have to fear is a resurgent Slann team for their final game. T.L.I.K.A.I smashed their last opponents 4 - 1 so the final game for the Stiffs is looking like it's going to be a matter of desperately clinging to the ball trying not to let the frogs get their slimey, green hands on it.

Now that the BCL is mostly out of the way my focus can shift to the Greenstone Cup. I've never been to a Blood Bowl tournament before so I'm not quite sure what to expect. I'm figuring the competition will be high so I've been trying to practice on Cyanide and the odd tabletop game where I can. I would have to say that my results have been less than impressive so I'm not hugely confident that I will do so well. Orcs and Dwarfs especially are causing me all sorts of headaches. I think I've found a way to contain the Orcs finally but Dwarfs are still a problem. Anyway below is my list I'm intending on taking...

The Block on the Mummies I'm well settled on and the Guard on the Wights too. I'm just not sure about the Ghoul skills. If I get a chance I'll keep practising with the team over the coming weeks and see if I can decide. Given the amount of time left though I think I will just have to run with this list.

So the paperwork is done, what about the models. Well I am getting through them. I might even get them all painted on time. I'll get some photos tomorrow morning and try to get them posted by the evening. With the exception of their bases I've got all the Zombies and all the Ghouls painted. So that just leaves the Mummies, Wights and the Skeleton. I have about two weeks to go and five models to paint...that's achievable right..?

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