Monday, 17 September 2012

Stillwater Stiffs - Back from Auckland

Back from Auckland and had a bloody good time. Did not do as well as I hoped but certainly learned a lot from the tournament. The Stiffs placed 10th out of 20 teams in the end with 3 wins, 2 losses and a draw. While I had a couple of not so lucky games if I had been a bit smarter I think I could have definitely achieved a better outcome than that. Orcs and Dwarfs are still my Achilles heel so I think I'll start a team up of each on Cyanide to help me understand their weaknesses for next time round.

I did remember to take a few photos so here's a break down of the games I played.

Game 1

I had forgotten to charge the batteries before I left so I didn't get a photo of this game. I was playing Nick's Orcs - Da Broken Toof Boyz. You've probably guessed already that this was one of my losses. I couldn't really find a way to break through his line and it was his Blitzers that caused me the most headaches. The Black Orcs were easy enough to distract with Zombies but the Blitzers just kept finding their way into every little gap and sacking my ball carrier. The game finished with a 0-2 loss and Cas 2-2.

Game 2

Game 2 was against a familiar face. I played Simon's Middenheim Municipals. I had also raced down to the dairy to pick up some batteries so I managed to get photos! Here Simon was just posing for the photo, he doesn't usually look this intelligent. This game resulted in a 2-2 draw. I was lucky to get this as well. After Simon scored his first touchdown I set up very foolishly and he snuck his catchers around my line to capitalise on my fumbling Ghoul so he could run in a second touchdown before the first half had finished. In the end I managed to claw back a couple and we finished on a draw. We also drew the Cas 1-1 which was a pretty sad performance from my Mummies but I think is also a sign of Simon's great positional play.

Game 3

For my third game I played Bob's Burger Boys. I forgot to take photos throughout the game but this was all that was left of Bob's team by the end of the game. One of the two Treemen rooted pretty early in the first half and I tied the other up with a Zombie allowing me to hunt down his Halflings and get them off the pitch. Bob had cunningly elected to kick in the first half so after I scored on turn eight he then proceeded to pull off a one turn touchdown with experienced precision and even the score going in to the second half. In the second half a lucky kick from me landed the ball in the far corner giving me enough time to get around his Treemen and hunt down his Halflings before they could be thrown downfield. Once I got a secure hold of the ball I just spent the rest of the game hunting down the last few Halflings. Final score 2-1 and Cas 10-1.

Game 4

My last game on the first day was against another familiar face; I played Tim's Norsican Brewers. Tim had not had a very good first day. His dice had been terrible all day and his opponents dice had been on fire. Unfortunately for Tim history was going to repeat itself in this game as it seemed I could not roll anything lower than an eight for armour and injury rolls throughout the entire first half. The law of averages kicked in for the second half but by that time Tim already had six players in the dead and injured dugout leaving him with very few options. As always Tim was a fantastic sportsman and he was to be rewarded for this the following day with a game against Dan (see the final photo). Final score was 2-0 and Cas 8-0.

Game 5

When day two started I was coming off two wins and was on a bit of a high. I suppose it was only fitting that I should get the Dwarf team to make me eat a bit of humble pie. I feel terrible in that I can't remember the name of my opponent but his team was called Car-Bar-Run-Dumb. He had a really interesting build with no guard. He had taken four Blockers with Grab and had given Dodge to his two Blitzers. He kicked to me in the first half and for my first roll I got Double Skulls. This was a sign of things to come as I burnt through my three re-rolls in three turns having to re-roll Double Skull blocks. I managed to surpass this in the second half by burning through three Re-Rolls in two turns on Double Skull blocks. How is this possible? I got a Blitz for the kick-off result and sure enough rolled Double Skulls for my first block. Not a great game for my dice to go south as I got pummelled by his Troll Slayers. Final outcome was a 0-2 loss with Cas 0-3.

Game 6

My final game was against Toff who used to live in Christchurch and I have gamed against a little in the past. It was great to catch up with him and to end up being able to play a game with him over the weekend was really the icing on the cake. Toff brought his Pro Elves; the Storm Bluff Corsairs. I've never played Pro Elves before so was completely confused by all the positions and skills they had. And to be honest I'm still confused. I won the roll for kick off and decided to kick. I figured he would either score in two turns and give me the opportunity to grind for seven turns or he would roll bad somewhere and give me the opportunity to drag the Elves into a ruck which they are not great at. Sure enough Toff's Elves danced all around me and I was receiving a kick off after two turns. From there onwards it was 15 turns of Undead grinding through the Elves to come out with a 2-1 victory. Certainly not an exciting game to watch as it was the classic bash team grind but against a flashy, prancing team like the Elves I knew I couldn't out prance them so just caged up and moved forward one square at a time.

So that's it for games. A great weekend overall with a fantastic night out on Saturday. To give you an idea of how things went here is a photo of Dan who, with Simon and myself, was one of the last three to go home.

Yes he is really asleep. This is who Tim played for Game 5 on the start of day two. The funniest thing is that even with Dan falling asleep and going to the bathroom to throw up at least half a dozen times they were still not the last to finish their game!

So that's it for Greenstone Cup this year. Time and finances permitting I'm very keen to return next year and am even looking at what other Blood Bowl tournaments I can get to throughout the year. I might have to see what damage I have done to the Credit Card before I book any in but certainly it won't be my last.

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