Sunday, 2 September 2012

NYR - Baddaboom!

Finito! I've finally repaired my Thunderfire Cannon! This was one of the models that took a tumble during the quakes and being the metal version rather than the finecast version it took a bit of a beating. I had intended to put it back together for a while so I finally got round to it for Cavcon. I was nowhere even close to having it finished in time for the event which was at the end of July but I continued to plug away at it and managed to get it finished a couple of weeks ago. It's a bit of a teaser really as this is going to be my annual Earthquake repair project which means I have to have the Techmarine gunner finished by February next year. I wasn't originally intending on posting it until then but I really wanted to show that I haven't been completely lazy. I have been painting! Believe me!

So that's all for now. Blood Bowl is currently swamping my painting desk as the Greenstone Cup is fast approaching. I'll get some pics and a blurb up about this sometime over the coming days, in the meantime if you want to read about the Greenstone Cup check out their website:

If Nuffle wills it maybe we'll see the Stiffs with a top five placing by the end of the month  :)

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