Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stillwater Stiffs 11-1-1

The Stiffs are back to their winning ways this week. I had a game lined up against Paul's Underworld Team; the SPP Donation Society so we got together at the club to mash it up over beer and greasy fast food.

Paul's team had developed a bit since I last played them and there were some frightening players in his team. He of course had his Mighty Blow/Claw Troll but also both his Skaven Blitzers now had Guard to help him with the hitting, he had a Skaven lineman with Wrestle to open up my line or drop the ball carrier and he had a sprinkling of various mutations across his Goblins which meant they would be a royal pain in the butt. I wasn't much looking forward to trying to contain his team. In the end I didn't really need to be worried due to some rather poor rolling on Paul's behalf and some very good rolling on my behalf. So that being said I'll try to quickly break down the play through the two halves.

For the first half I won the roll off and decided to receive. A very good kick followed by a 'Blitz' result on the kick off table allowed Paul to sneak some players through to catch the ball before I had a chance to do anything. That's about where Paul's luck started turning to custard. When my first turn started I began knocking over his players left, right and centre and it seemed I couldn't roll lower than an 8 for armour or injury. So by the end of turn four Paul had only his Troll left on the pitch. Having suffered a similar fate previously at the hands of Sass, and knowing how un-fun it is to watch your opponent wind down the clock while you can do nothing I decided to score at the start of my fifth turn and make more of a game from it. Paul managed to wake up enough players so he could get a full squad on the pitch. The progression from here was Paul trying to run one of his Goblins down my left side of the field for a last minute touchdown. I couldn't get a good block on him so I simply had to try and put as many tacklezones as possible between him and the endzone. Ultimately it was enough and in the dying seconds of the first half his Goblin was brought down while running for a touchdown.

Paul received in the second half and pushed down my right sideline this time, as you can probably tell from the photo above. After a bit of scrimmage with my Wights I managed to turn the ball over and start carrying it back up field with one of my Ghouls. My Armour and Injury rolls were abysmal this half balancing out my exceptional rolling in the first half so Paul had plenty of players on the pitch to turn things around. Unfortunately this is where is bad luck kicked in as no matter how many blocks he threw at my Ghoul carrying the ball he just simply couldn't get the ball loose. In the end my Ghoul managed to dodge his way through centre field and score another touchdown right at the end of the second half.

So one more game down and only three more to go before the end of the second round robin. I have yet to play Jim's Ogres, Michael's Slann and Simon's Humans. I'm looking forward to the last few games of the regular season as all three teams have had a little time to develop and are looking quite challenging. My next game is with Simon at the end of August so I'll be sure to post then and I'll see if I can get a few more pictures.

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