Sunday, 24 June 2012

NYR - Bruised in the Badlands Models

This post is about more models that I bought when I technically said I wouldn't but I wanted to get some Squigs and Trolls for the underground scenarios in the narrative campaign I recently organised. I have at least stuck to the New Years philosophy of not filling up the cupboard with more unpainted models though. I am at least painting the new models I buy.

Anyways enough waffle. Here are some photos of the models. I apologise for the quality of some of them. I have real trouble viewing the photo in the camera's view-screen. What looks originally to be fine I find later to be out of focus once I get it on the computer. But never mind, hopefully you'll get the gist.

First up are the Squigs. Six so far finished and I have high hopes to get another six painted for another campaign in November.

These are the Stone Trolls I painted. I've long held a fascination with the Warhammer On-Line Orcs - the look of the army and the look of the beasts such as Trolls, Giants, Boars etc. So I based them off a screenshot I found of Stone Trolls from the game. I think they are a vast improvement on the stereotypical bright blue Trolls.

This guy I'm pretty happy with overall but am still unsure if painting his bone club as fresh, clean bone was a good idea or not. There's a lot of white in the model. I was thinking of painting it as fossilised bone like the skulls on the Troll below but the realist in me won over believing that if he's using a bone as a club it's most likely from a recent meal.

The last of the three Stone Trolls. This guy had to be the most awkward to position on his base. He's got one of the most off balance poses I've ever seen. Still I do like all the brown that helps contrast the white on this model. I think I will follow this precedent on any further Stone Trolls I paint.

Lastly I have a shot of another Earthquake Dwarf I've saved. This guy just had his arms knocked off so a bit of gluing, greenstuffing and touching up and he's back in the game.

Ok that's all for now. I've got plenty more pics so I'll keep posting them over the coming weeks. In the meantime I better get back to the painting table.

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