Friday, 29 June 2012

NYR - More boats for the bath tub

In still trying to keep to the New Year's Resolution theme of finishing projects I decided to get my odd models for Dystopian Wars painted. Months ago, I think around November last year, a friend of mine had bought a few blisters to beef out his Blazing Sun force. But with the strange numbers of models you get in the blister packs he ended up with more models than he needed, so I bought the spares off him and beefed up my fleet as well. The models have been lying dormant ever since so over the last month I have been splashing some paint on them.

Here are my extra Cruiser and three extra Frigates making a total of four Cruisers and twelve Frigates in my force now. I also painted another bomber bringing my total to three for that squad but I've yet to base him so didn't get a photo.

But it doesn't end there! Recently I attended a tournament in Dunedin called Southcon with the intention of drinking beer, playing wargames and catching up with a few good mates. Most people I've played with my Blazing Sun know that by far and wide my favourite model is the Ika mechanical squid yet because of my New Year's Resolution I have avoided buying one. Well one of my mates in Dunedin did an extremely generous thing while I was down there. At the tournament they had a Dystopian Wars stand selling merchandise and completely out of the blue he bought me an Ika for my army! I was totally over the moon! So I would like to say a massive thanks to Ian for being such a generous soul and below are the new additions to my Navy's submersible division.

That's almost it...but not quite...I have one more addition to the Blazing Sun army. Those of you who play Dystopian Wars will know they recently had a rules revision and in accordance with that they released a new rulebook. Spartan games decided to get the release humming with some great discounts and offers through their on-line store. With one of those offers you received a free limited edition model of a mercenary Russian submarine called 'The Black Wolf'. So here is my fully painted Black Wolf (with a little bit of red and brass to tie him in to the rest of the army).

Ok that's all the updates I have for a little while. Currently on my painting desk I am finishing some commission work and painting my Hillbillies for Legends of the Old West. I also have a pile of models to do including my Blood Bowl team, Salamanders Space Marines, Menoth for Warmachine, Dreadfleet models, Dwarfs and a Spider Queen plus her swarms for Lord of the Rings. So I'll crack on with the painting and hopefully it won't be too long until my next post.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

NYR - Casualty Markers

Time for a very quick post before I go to bed. Below are some Space Marine casualty markers I bought long, long time ago. I kept meaning to get them finished but I think the idea of trying to greenstuff Drakescale cloaks and tabards always put me off. So finally I've pulled finger and finished them.

I'm really happy with how they turned out considering I painted them very quickly. When I say very quickly I of course mean the amount of time spent on them rather than the distance between the date I started them and the date I finished them.

Anyways, hope you like.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

NYR - Bruised in the Badlands Models

This post is about more models that I bought when I technically said I wouldn't but I wanted to get some Squigs and Trolls for the underground scenarios in the narrative campaign I recently organised. I have at least stuck to the New Years philosophy of not filling up the cupboard with more unpainted models though. I am at least painting the new models I buy.

Anyways enough waffle. Here are some photos of the models. I apologise for the quality of some of them. I have real trouble viewing the photo in the camera's view-screen. What looks originally to be fine I find later to be out of focus once I get it on the computer. But never mind, hopefully you'll get the gist.

First up are the Squigs. Six so far finished and I have high hopes to get another six painted for another campaign in November.

These are the Stone Trolls I painted. I've long held a fascination with the Warhammer On-Line Orcs - the look of the army and the look of the beasts such as Trolls, Giants, Boars etc. So I based them off a screenshot I found of Stone Trolls from the game. I think they are a vast improvement on the stereotypical bright blue Trolls.

This guy I'm pretty happy with overall but am still unsure if painting his bone club as fresh, clean bone was a good idea or not. There's a lot of white in the model. I was thinking of painting it as fossilised bone like the skulls on the Troll below but the realist in me won over believing that if he's using a bone as a club it's most likely from a recent meal.

The last of the three Stone Trolls. This guy had to be the most awkward to position on his base. He's got one of the most off balance poses I've ever seen. Still I do like all the brown that helps contrast the white on this model. I think I will follow this precedent on any further Stone Trolls I paint.

Lastly I have a shot of another Earthquake Dwarf I've saved. This guy just had his arms knocked off so a bit of gluing, greenstuffing and touching up and he's back in the game.

Ok that's all for now. I've got plenty more pics so I'll keep posting them over the coming weeks. In the meantime I better get back to the painting table.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Stillwater Stiffs 10-0-1

Clearly it's been a long time since my last post so I really need to get back into it. I've been tied up with running a Fantasy Narrative Campaign and various other 'life' problems so it hasn't left much time to spare for posting. I haven't been idle though, I have got some stuff painted.

I've managed to get some paint on my Blood Bowl team, even to the point of finishing four Zombies. I've painted casualty markers for 40k, Squigs and Trolls for Fantasy, Mechanical Squids for Dystopian Wars and even a little bit of scenery building and repairs to earthquake damaged models. I'll get some photos of these over the weekend and start posting stuff bit by bit.

In the mean time I probably need to do a bit of a catch up on the local Blood Bowl league. The Stiffs remain undefeated and seem to be making a lot of enemies amongst the opposing coaches. Their high casualty differential has even persuaded the league commissoner to start putting bounties on some of my players. But New Zealanders are well known for their jealousy of those more successul; 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' as we call it, always wanting to drag us down to their level  ; )

In terms of games I've played three since my last post. We're going through the second round now so we're revisiting teams we've already played. The first on that list was Nick's Chaos Dwarf team: 'The Other Lot'. This was a bit of a mismatch caused by simply not having anyone else to play. Nick's team value was about 3 to 400 less than mine from memory so it was going to be an uphill battle for him. The final score was 4-0 to the Stiffs but the casualty count, while I can't remember the exact numbers, was a lot more even.

After that I faced the Mini Dragons of Doom for a second time. Gill scored early on in the game and it was starting to look rather bleak for me as I couldn't buy a decent dice roll and Gill's lizards were running circles around me. Over time however the law of averages did start to kick in and the Stiffs managed to claw back for a 2-1 victory. The casualty count in this game was much more even at 3-1 to the Stiffs compared with the 9-2 massacre of our first game. Gill played really well too and it cemented the reality that our first game was only a win because I got so lucky with the dice. If I want to stay top of the table I'll need to pick up my game.

My most recent game was last night against Tim's Norse team: the Norsica Brewers. I was really hoping to beat him into submission early so I was pretty aggresive on the line of scrimmage positioning five players there, four of whom had Mighty Blow. I managed to get the casualties to keep him on the back foot but my rather relaxed defence meant he got through twice with a passing play leaving the final score at 3-2. A bit too close for comfort. Once again a great game with Tim, he was always laughing, even after I killed two of his players, and he took great joy in knocking down and knocking-out my Mummies.

So that's the wrap up for Blood Bowl at the moment. As far as I can tell there should be another 5 round robin games and then we will either do another round or enter play-offs. I'll be a little more vigilant with posting and crack on to getting the team painted so I can get some pretty photos posted.