Friday, 13 April 2012

Stillwater Stiffs 5-0-1

The Stiffs chalked up another win last night in the Ball and Chain League to cling desperately to the Spike Trophy. This was the hardest game I've played yet and the 2-0 score doesn't really justify how the game could have swung either way at any moment. It was against Nick's Chaos Dwarfs who I found out the hard way are tough as nails. The regular 'Bash 'em' tactics weren't going to work here, in fact I often found myself on the back foot when it came to blocking, so I tried to focus on dodging clear of the rucks and playing a running game. It definitely felt strange but it seemed to work in the end.

I got a few photos of the game this time round. They're nothing flash as my team is still unpainted and it was quite hard to hold the camera steady enough in the dim light. Here they are none the less:

Here was the first turn kick off. I learned my set up wasn't that great as Nick quickly pushed my Wights towards the sideline. The silver lining however was that it opened up a gap on either side for my Ghouls to run through and threaten his ball carrier at the back. From there I managed to turn over the ball and score by the third turn.

This photo was later in the second half after I had received. This epitomises the second half. Nick broke the line early to threaten my ball carrier who managed to get to the safety of the Mummies before Nick could bring him down. The Mummies then escorted him slowly towards the Endzone and that was the game.

I just wanted to add one last photo. This one represents the shame of my Wight being beaten up pink Hobgoblins. Shaaaaaaaaame.

My next game is in two weeks where I play Paul's Underworld team. This would be the top of the table clash so I feel I should really get my team painted for this event. I'm just not sure where I will find the time. We'll see how we go...

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