Thursday, 1 March 2012

Stillwater Stiffs 2-0-1

Third game down for the season against Bash'n'Dash - Jim's Ogre team. The Stiffs brought home another win with some very high rolling on the armour and injury table. I did take photos this time on my phone but they've all come out blurry so third time failing on that front. Never mind, on with the game update.

My plan was to use my players with block to take out the Snotlings while I tried to pick off the odd Ogre with my Mummies. The one thing I failed to take into account was that Snotlings are bloody difficult to catch. In the end I managed to get four of the little bastards and an Ogre in the Dead and Injured bin. The final score was 2 nil with my Ghoulish new recruit Lichbein scoring both touchdowns and my Wight Kraftig racked up two more casualties to sit on par with Bubba and Tot at three so far for the league. Not everything went well though, Jim's number 1 Ogre (currently without a name) pummelled my Ghoul - Bestatter into the turf and unfortunately he was a little too drowsy to get up...ever...

So one more win under the belt and the Spike Trophy remains in clammy, Undead hands for another couple of weeks. I'm playing Simon's humans in a fortnight and then after that I imagine I'll have to take on Paul's undefeated Underworld team. Humans I have a vague understanding of but Underworld I've never played before so it'll be an interesting game. Same approach as usual I imagine, go for the armour 7 with my Mummies and try to get his players off the field early so I have the advantage of numbers. The humans on the other hand that will not work so easily with so I'll have to come up with another plan there...but that's a story for another time.

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