Sunday, 25 March 2012

Menoth - The Crusade grows...

It's been a busy month, but not for painting as you can probably tell from my lack of posts. I have managed to get a few models finished which I've finally got some photos of so I'll be able to put up at least two posts before the month is up. This is the first of those two; my next Menoth Jack for Warmachine which is at last completed. No self respecting Menite could go on Crusade without a "Crusader" Heavy Warjack, so here he is in all his dirty Hospitaller glory standing with his smaller "Repenter" cousin.

Next on the list for these guys is the Warcaster. I have a few things to finish before then but will pull him out of the box and try to make a start on him next week. I'm thinking to make him stand out I'll work quite a bit of bronze into his armour but will otherwise stay faithful to the simple Hospitaller colour scheme. More piccies later.


  1. Looking good- Bronze should be a nice contrast to the black/grey, I wonder if it could have done the symbols on these Jack's shoulderpads too?

    Although, the bone is looking good really!

  2. Yeah I considered it but I wanted the symbols to stand out a lot more and I wanted to stay faithful to the Hospitaller colour scheme to better invoke the ideal of a Crusade. I might look at bring more Bronze into the Infantry when I do them.