Friday, 10 February 2012

The Ugly Truth

After a lot of gluing and pinning and scraping of mould lines I can finally reveal the models that broke my New Years Resolution for the second time. I could also reveal the model that broke my New Years Resolution the first time but there's no story to that. It was just me being weak and buying a cheap Valkyrie for the now I've built up a little tension with that rather short and sad narrative allow me to wax lyrically for a moment about the sequel.

A friend and I happened to be down at Comics Compulsion one day pouring over countless beautifully sculpted models we would never find the time to paint when one of the shop people wandered in with a new boxed set. When we saw the contents of this boxed set we came over all giddy with a wave of awesomeness. It's hard to explain in words the feeling of awesomeness a geek can get from a box of man barbies so I will let the picture below explain for me.

Moving on with the story now, we were told by the shop people at Comics Compulsion that this particular boxed set had already been sold and that due to high demand it was unlikely they would be getting another one in the near future. My heart sank...I almost broke down and cried at the shop counter. "NOOOOOOO!!!" I wanted to wail. How could someone possibly build your hopes and expectations so high only to smash them to pieces and then drop trour and squeeze a Cleveland Steamer over your shattered dreams. But alas this was the ugly truth. I swallowed this bitter pill and consoled myself for the following month with the fact that this would help me better adhere to my New Year's Resolution. At the end of this month I felt I was finally coming to terms with this particular crisis in my life and could almost drag myself from my bed and venture out into public again. It was then that the second most traumatising event in my life took place.

Word on the street reached my ear that Comics Compulsion had received another shipment and that this particular boxed set was back on the market. I tried not to listen, I tried to block it out but I was too weak to do it by myself. I looked for support from my friends but they only asked that I cut them in on a share of the box contents for the right price. This would have to be the lowest point in my nerdily existence. Being turned into some Geek Dealer pimping out toy soldiers to plastic, metal or resin crack whores. So with no support from my friends and no will or discipline of my own I caved and purchased the latest Warmachine Starter Box...

I may have embellished the story a little but the core of it remains the same; I made a promise to a friend late last year that I would go halves with him in this box set when they got another one in. Given that they said they would not be getting one in for a while I thought I would be safe. But they got one in very quickly and I was forced to pick between breaking a promise to a friend or breaking my New Year's Resolution again. So I chose the later. Yeah, my story was much better I know.

I've cleaned up the jacks and the Caster now and glued them all together so I am all prepped for painting. Just need an undercoat.

Given that I still want to keep to my plan of clearing out half started projects I need to find a very quick way to get these guys painted. So I have decided on a crusading Menoth force with a black and metal colour scheme very similar to the Knights Hospitaller. Something like this:

A dark metal and black base will provide a good contrast to the fiery yellow flames, sandy desert bases and off-white insignia. I think they will turn out really good and it will mostly be drybrushing which will make it very quick.

I better get to painting them as I've typed more than enough for a while. I'll get some more pictures up of my progress over the next month or so.

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