Friday, 24 February 2012

Stillwater Stiffs 1-0-1

The Stiffs played their second game of the season last night and came out with a hard fought draw to retain the Spike trophy...for now...

I of course forgot to take my camera so have no photos to show you. Not all is lost however as I have done a bit of a write up on the team history for those of you who believe a picture doesn't actually speak a thousand words. First of all I'll give you a quick run down of how the team came about. Blood Bowl has always been my favourite game and as you've probably realised from previous posts I'm a fanatical collector but not so good at finishing my painting projects. So before I started bringing a little common sense into my collecting and selling off most of the miniatures I wasn't doing anything with, I had pretty much every Blood Bowl team you could buy...and I had played about 1.5 games with each of them. Coming up with creative names for all of these teams was becoming a little mentally taxing so I had reverted to using street names from the suburb where I lived in Dunedin. A small street called Selwyn Street ran next to my flat so my Undead team was christened the Selwyn Stiffs.

When I moved to Christchurch and started selling off most of my models I reasoned that the Undead team would be the best to keep because they are a solid team for tournament gaming and because I could expand on the original boxed set to get enough models to play either a Necromantic team or a Khemri team. Of course moving cities would indicate that the franchise has been bought up by another investor due to financial difficulties so I thought it only fitting the Stiffs would need a name change. As luck would have it I now live next to Stillwater Ave in Christchurch allowing me to keep the corny alliteration so often associated with sports team names as they were reborn the Stillwater Stiffs. So that's the true story, here's the one I made up:

The Stiffs were originally formed in the sleepy Empire town of Selwyn within the province of Stirland. A plague of Red Pox had infected most of the town and those who didn’t flee soon succumbed to the deadly contagion. A small time necromancer and avid Blood Bowl fan dwelling in the close by “Gnarled Forest” saw an opportunity. He started raising the populace back from the dead in order to establish his own Blood Bowl team. And so the Stiffs’ started their Blood Bowl life (or unlife as it were) as the Selwyn Stiffs.

The Stiffs’ first season was nothing spectacular. Being a farmer or drover in real life certainly does not make you a Blood Bowl star in unlife so the Stiffs were suffering from a severe lack of talent. Not all was lost however; a season of Blood Bowl had developed the skills of a few team members enough that they now had a half-decent running game. They just needed to find more hitting power.

The end of the first season also left the Stiffs without a training ground. While they were away at their last game of the season the remaining residents of Selwyn returned to the village and, wanting to cleanse any taint of Red Pox from the site, they burnt it to the ground. For this reason the Stiffs went on hiatus for a while to re-establish their team and a base for training.

Eventually the Stiffs found a new home in a large cemetery next to Stillwater lake in Eastern Stirland. The cemetery has remained unused for centuries because of the high amount of Undead that haunt its surrounds. This made it a perfect recruitment ground for the Stiffs who now renamed themselves the Stillwater Stiffs. They also recruited the infamous Khemrian Mummy Bubba Hotep for the new season to bring in some front line experience. Hotep has helped rebuild the Stiffs’ forward pack with a number of very promising rookies. So with a new home and a new frontline the Stiffs have entered the Ball and Chain League for their first season back and are showing a promising start that could take them all the way to the final.

The game itself was interesting. I played Sass and his Norse team "The Frosty Snowmen". Sass' team was a very different make up from Tim's who I played in my first game. 2 Ulfwereners and a Snow Troll added a lot of hitting power to his front line. A frustrating first half saw a very high number of attacker down and both down results coming up on my two dice blocks and making me very aware how frail my team can be when facing a team that almost entirely has Block as a skill. I also used my Mummies very poorly as I was distracted by the Ulfwereners and Snow Troll when I should have been focusing on putting all of Sass' other players with armour 7 off the field. When the second half came around I regained my composure a bit. I still made a couple of mistakes that could have cost me the game but for the most part managed to stick to my game plan putting half of his team off the field before scoring to tie the game. Sass managed to pull most of his guys out of the knocked out bin for the next drive after my touchdown but was still a few players down on me. There was an opportunity to run behind him and sack his ball carrier to try for a last minute touchdown but I was too scared of the consequences if it went wrong so I didn't commit enough guys to it and the game finished off as a draw. There is a silver lining however in that I now have two Mummies with Guard, a Zombie with Block and a Ghoul with Block so I am looking forward to the next game. I'll close this update with a shot of my Star Blocker "Bubba Hotep". 3 Casualties from 2 games so far, and yes I know he's not fully painted - refer to my previous blog posts about my New Year's Resolution.

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