Thursday, 9 February 2012

Stillwater Stiffs 1-0-0

This post is a little lacking in photos I'm sorry as I didn't take any, but I'm really excited about getting back into Blood Bowl so just wanted to rant a little.

Last year I was not gaming much at my local club so this year I wanted to change that. I have been getting down for games far more regularly and last week I saw a mate playing Blood Bowl and thought "I haven't played that in aaaages. I should get back into it." So I asked him if he wanted a game the following week.

I was so excited to play again I went hunting for my old Undead team that night and got them all ready for the following week, and before you know it, it's Thursday again and I'm driving down to the gaming club for my re-introduction to the game of Blood Bowl.

Tim had brought his Norse team who already had one game under their belts and had earned a few skills. So we set up and rolled on the first kick-off. Cut a long story short Tim rolled terribly and I rolled very well so when the full-time whistle blew I was 2 touchdowns up on him and the casualty count was 6 to 1 in my favour. To add insult to injury I had killed one of his throwers and resurrected him into my own team.

Tim has got to be one of the greatest sportsmen I've ever played and he never stopped smiling the whole game. It meant despite being a very one sided affair it is possibly the most enjoyable game I've ever played and has given me a real urge to get back into Blood Bowl. So it seems I have yet another bunch of models to get painted asap, but hey whats another 12 odd models huh?

I'll sign off there and get back to painting. I'll be sure to grab some photos of models or games where I can as soon as I can squeeze in another game.

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