Thursday, 23 February 2012

NYR - Terror from the deep

I have managed to complete the next group of models in my New Year's Resolution. These are the Sea Monsters I got with the Man'O'War game I bought over half a year ago. The paint job on them is not my greatest work but this project is all about getting things completed, not spending forever trying to create Golden Demon winning models. Here are the first three I painted:

I don't really know what these guys are. The one on the left is a Moby Dickesque whale with a unicorn horn...


...not quite sure what else to say there so we best move on. The guy in the middle is some kind of King Neptune/Poseidon dude. The one on the right I think is a Sea Dragon. They are all painted using drybrushing and washes with the exception of the sail in the back of the Sea Dragon which I did a little blending on. I painted these three together as they are all one piece models. The fourth model was two piece so took a little more construction and I finished him a bit later. This is him below:

Not quite sure what you'd call this guy. Seeing as I've painted him a deep purple I'm going to call him the purple, big teeth monster. Once again very little time spent on him with drybrushing and washes being the primary way of applying paint.

I'm happy with how they've come out. They make very good gaming standard models. Not that I'll ever use them as I don't think anyone plays Man'O'War anymore. But none the less this was a very fun exercise  : )

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