Sunday, 12 February 2012

NYR - Salamander Command Squad

It's about time I put a post up about painting models rather than the general happenings of my geek world. The NYR above refers to New Year's Resolution as I'm getting sick of typing the whole thing out so this post is an update on progress of my half started projects. I've completed another handful of models; the Salamander Command Squad I started about 6 months ago is finally finished. So I snapped a quick photo before packing them away in the cupboard.

I've also progressed on another couple of projects. This one got added to the pile when I was stripping some models for a friend. I had left these guys in a coffee mug to strip the paint off at a later date and figured I may as well get them all done in one go. I don't want to create any more half started projects so I have begun painting them and hope to have them finished by the end of next week.

Lastly I have an update on the Vostroyans. My Napoleonic Old Guard are getting closer to completion. At this stage I'm a little unsure where to go next. I don't think they'll work as Guardsmen but should be good as conscripts. I would need to add a little armour such as shoulder guards and various Aquila symbols etc. to their great coats, also I would need to remove their moustaches which seems like a lot of hard work. It would all be good sculpting practice for me which I desperately need. I suppose I'll get them finished first and make a decision from there.

That's all my updates so far. I'll put in another big painting week next week and try to get some photos of completed models posted.

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