Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Where does the time go?

So it's been a long time since my last update and I'm feeling a little guilty. I haven't progressed much with finishing my half started projects as work has gone completely nuts, but that's another story in itself. Another long...boring...tedious...story.

I have been sitting on some game photos for a while so I thought maybe I'd knock together a quick post in case any of you are worried I've fallen off the edge of the earth. This was of a practice game for "Warclouds over Woolston" (otherwise known as WarCOW) which is a doubles tournament held during Waitangi weekend here in Christchurch. Carl, a mate of mine, is a tournament virgin so we thought it would be a good way to introduce him to tournament gaming where he'll have a bit of help learning the rules (more likely from our opponents than me) and simply because doubles tournaments tend to be a bit more laid back. Scene setting done let's get on with the game:

This was about the second turn. Carl is on the background with his Vampire Counts and I am using Carl's Orcs in the foreground. The big unit of Orcs on the left of the photo have actually occupied the huts in the centre of the battlefield. I'm facing off against Sass' Flagellant heavy army while Carl fights Chris' more regular Empire army. Things weren't too bad at this stage and I was rating my chances of winning...foolish...so very foolish.

Here you see the combat joined with the Flagellants and the Black Orcs. The Black Orcs did ok...unfortunately ok is not enough against martyred Flagellants who only miss 1 hit out of 20. In other words my Black Orcs got trodden on. All was not lost though. I still had a big unit of about 30 Big Uns with additional hand weapons hidden in the Orc Huts. More than a match for Sass' big unit of free company approaching from the back of the board...

So here is what's left of my army by about the 4th or 5th turn. The Big Un's rolled terribly and the Free Company rolled terribly well so the poor Orcs were left running for their lives. Needless to say things didn't go well at all for me in this game and unfortunately Carl fared no better.

The really frustrating part is that this is a typical game for me with the Orcs. Every game I've played I've measured the odds of the combat and things have always been in my favour. Yet it seems every game my Orcs roll unbelievably poorly while my opponent seems to have uncanny good luck. So from this I can only ascertain that I am playing the Orcs all wrong. I should not be considering tactics. I should not be working out odds and averages, and because I have been doing this Gork and Mork have not been showing me any love with the dice. So I have developed a new plan for when we attend WarCOW based on pure and simple Orc tactics: Bash 'em! No cunning feints or baiting units. Just get stuck in and give 'em a good beatin'. The way things have been going it couldn't possibly get any worse.

The tournament is in less than 2 weeks time so I'll put a post up soon with our results and hopefully a few pictures. However if our first games go anything like our practice games I may be in no sober state during the tournament and make no apology for any shoddy photography.

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