Friday, 6 January 2012

First game for 2012

My first game for 2012 has resulted in the match being called off due to poor light. That is I took so damn long with my turns we didn't have enough time to finish  ; )

I have been keen to get back into a bit of gaming so asked a friend of mine if he would like a game of Dystopian Wars at the local gaming club. Jas has been running a Dystopian Wars campaign now for a few weeks so he and a few others have been getting in a good number of games and are getting a much better understanding of the rules, so who better to help me out with my rather lacklustre knowledge of the game. Jas brought his Prussians and I played my regular Japanese. It was a big game for me at 1200 points but I managed to scrape together enough models. My only frustration is that they were not all painted. I'm sticking to my New Year's Resolution though - get the half started models finished so I can look at finishing off my Dystopian Wars later in the year hopefully.

On with the game: Here is our deployment with the majority of my force on my right flank and the Battleships and Cruisers on my left. The plan being to pelt Jas' smaller vessels at long range with rockets, take out his air forces on his left flank and once clear push the torpedo planes and what was left of my army through to destroy his Battleship, Dreadnought and Cruisers.

Things plodded along for the first turn with neither of us really having range to do much damage. By the time we got to the second and third turn things started getting pretty vicious. I also discovered Jas had a LOT of anti aircraft fire which put a big hole in my plan in that my rockets were next to ineffective for the first two turns. Below is a shot of the very start of the third turn.

By the end of the third turn it was getting pretty late and we had to call the game off. It was a shame too because the game was just starting to get very interesting. I had mostly destroyed Jas' left flank yet his big ships were untouched and supported by a huge flock of dive bombers. Most of my army on the other hand were sporting injuries of all kinds. Here's how it looked when we packed up.

In conclusion I really enjoyed the game. Taught me heaps about my own army and the Prussians and also taught me a lot about the rules. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next game.


  1. Thanks for the Game Nathan,

    1200pts was too big for the club, so next time 900?

    It was a fun game, and good to see the Blazing Suns on the table...I missed not using mine!

    We were both pretty slow at our turns, being late and drinking beer is my excuse!


  2. Drinking beer is never needed as an excuse. Games will take as long as they need to in order to finish your pint ;)