Saturday, 3 November 2012

Stillwater Stiffs - Wrap up for 2012

I have just now noticed that I have not made s ingle post for all of October which I'm a little disappointed in. I've been very busy lately with the Badlands event but I would still like to have at least two or three posts per month on the blog. With that in mind I'm determined to make November somewhat of a redemption. I'm flat out with organising Back to the Badlands so most work will go into that but I will be sure to get at least two posts done this month.

The first is the season wrap up for the Stillwater Stiffs. I best start with a quick game report of the Stiffs' final game of the season against the Slann team of T.L.I.K.A.I coached by Michael. In our previous match up I hammered this team 4-0 with a 5-1 Cas differential. I knew this game would not be as easy because my dice were really hot in our first game but I still hoped to beat Michael's frogs into submission and come out with a 2-1 win. Oh boy was I ever naive.

Sorry about the poor quality photo. This was the first turn of the second half with me receiving. I should explain how we got to a 2-1 score in Michael's favour by this point. I kicked off with the intention of piling on the pressure and either forcing a turnover or a quick score from Michael which would then give me 15 turns of ball possession and grinding to wear him down. In my stupidity I relied too much on my Ghouls to return the kick off and I had not left enough defence back there to cover the ball if things went wrong. Sure enough my Ghouls rolled a string of 1's and 2's for two turns allowing Michael's catchers to race through and get another point on the board. I managed to claw a point back before the end of the half and from then on I was focused on playing for the draw unless a miracle gave me an opportunity at a win. In the end I ground through to tie the game.

Towards the last couple of turns however we realised we had made a mistake. My final touchdown came from a Wight who had managed to catch a bouncing ball out of the ruck, however we had forgotten to account for the pouring rain when he caught it so he wouldn't have actually caught the ball. I did have a lot of players around that ruck who the ball may have bounced on to and they might have caught it but it also may have bounced away from the ruck and into open space as well so there was actually a very good chance Michael should have won the game. He was a good sport though and let it go seeing as we had already played out the game.

So overall a good season with the championship win but a very disappointing finish. I've been told Undead become very hard to play once you climb up to 150+ TV but with my poor performance at the Greenstone Cup on top of these last few matches makes me think it is more to do with the coach than the team. I seem to have gone off the boil so I'm going to have to do some serious study on how to get these guys firing on all cylinders before Ausbowl next year. Ausbowl? What is Ausbowl? I hear you say. Well that's a good topic for a later post. Probably early next year I'll start focusing on that.

In wrapping up the BCL here is the final table after everyone has played their 16 games.

Up and onwards from here. I've started on expanding the team so I can play them as Khemri and I'll see if I can find a couple of Werewolfs and Flesh Golems over Christmas so I can field a Necro team too. Depending on what others play in next year's BCL I'm pretty sure I will be playing either of those two. Playing the same team twice is generally frowned upon in our league so I doubt I'll play the Undead again but we'll see what the team mix is like by Feb next year.

Anyways, that's all for this update. Have a fantastic Guy Fawkes and remember to start your Christmas shopping early this year to avoid the Christmas Eve rush. The early Christmas decorations in malls really are for your benefit  ; )

Friday, 21 September 2012

Time for a break from Blood Bowl

A good friend happened to be in town for work this week and he brought his Dystopian Wars army along for some beers Thursday night...oh and wargaming too. After playing so much Blood Bowl recently it was a refreshing change to see some different models on our dining table. I won't go into the game because Mark's dice were atrocious and mine were on fire so it ended up being a bit one sided. I did however make sure I snapped some photos of the models on the table.

2nd turn. Mark's Antarctic on the far side of the board against my Japanese.

Mark's Bombers getting stuck in to my Frigates.

My Frigates trying to drag down one of Mark's Cruisers.

It's always good to catch up with a mate I haven't seen in a while and of course that is always made better when beer, fish and chips and wargaming are all involved. More than that it made me realise how much Blood Bowl has consumed my world lately and this one game has ignited a desire to escape from Blood Bowl for a time and see what else is out there. Time to get that last BCL match out of the way so I can put the Blood Bowl team on the shelf for a month or two I think...

Monday, 17 September 2012

Stillwater Stiffs - Back from Auckland

Back from Auckland and had a bloody good time. Did not do as well as I hoped but certainly learned a lot from the tournament. The Stiffs placed 10th out of 20 teams in the end with 3 wins, 2 losses and a draw. While I had a couple of not so lucky games if I had been a bit smarter I think I could have definitely achieved a better outcome than that. Orcs and Dwarfs are still my Achilles heel so I think I'll start a team up of each on Cyanide to help me understand their weaknesses for next time round.

I did remember to take a few photos so here's a break down of the games I played.

Game 1

I had forgotten to charge the batteries before I left so I didn't get a photo of this game. I was playing Nick's Orcs - Da Broken Toof Boyz. You've probably guessed already that this was one of my losses. I couldn't really find a way to break through his line and it was his Blitzers that caused me the most headaches. The Black Orcs were easy enough to distract with Zombies but the Blitzers just kept finding their way into every little gap and sacking my ball carrier. The game finished with a 0-2 loss and Cas 2-2.

Game 2

Game 2 was against a familiar face. I played Simon's Middenheim Municipals. I had also raced down to the dairy to pick up some batteries so I managed to get photos! Here Simon was just posing for the photo, he doesn't usually look this intelligent. This game resulted in a 2-2 draw. I was lucky to get this as well. After Simon scored his first touchdown I set up very foolishly and he snuck his catchers around my line to capitalise on my fumbling Ghoul so he could run in a second touchdown before the first half had finished. In the end I managed to claw back a couple and we finished on a draw. We also drew the Cas 1-1 which was a pretty sad performance from my Mummies but I think is also a sign of Simon's great positional play.

Game 3

For my third game I played Bob's Burger Boys. I forgot to take photos throughout the game but this was all that was left of Bob's team by the end of the game. One of the two Treemen rooted pretty early in the first half and I tied the other up with a Zombie allowing me to hunt down his Halflings and get them off the pitch. Bob had cunningly elected to kick in the first half so after I scored on turn eight he then proceeded to pull off a one turn touchdown with experienced precision and even the score going in to the second half. In the second half a lucky kick from me landed the ball in the far corner giving me enough time to get around his Treemen and hunt down his Halflings before they could be thrown downfield. Once I got a secure hold of the ball I just spent the rest of the game hunting down the last few Halflings. Final score 2-1 and Cas 10-1.

Game 4

My last game on the first day was against another familiar face; I played Tim's Norsican Brewers. Tim had not had a very good first day. His dice had been terrible all day and his opponents dice had been on fire. Unfortunately for Tim history was going to repeat itself in this game as it seemed I could not roll anything lower than an eight for armour and injury rolls throughout the entire first half. The law of averages kicked in for the second half but by that time Tim already had six players in the dead and injured dugout leaving him with very few options. As always Tim was a fantastic sportsman and he was to be rewarded for this the following day with a game against Dan (see the final photo). Final score was 2-0 and Cas 8-0.

Game 5

When day two started I was coming off two wins and was on a bit of a high. I suppose it was only fitting that I should get the Dwarf team to make me eat a bit of humble pie. I feel terrible in that I can't remember the name of my opponent but his team was called Car-Bar-Run-Dumb. He had a really interesting build with no guard. He had taken four Blockers with Grab and had given Dodge to his two Blitzers. He kicked to me in the first half and for my first roll I got Double Skulls. This was a sign of things to come as I burnt through my three re-rolls in three turns having to re-roll Double Skull blocks. I managed to surpass this in the second half by burning through three Re-Rolls in two turns on Double Skull blocks. How is this possible? I got a Blitz for the kick-off result and sure enough rolled Double Skulls for my first block. Not a great game for my dice to go south as I got pummelled by his Troll Slayers. Final outcome was a 0-2 loss with Cas 0-3.

Game 6

My final game was against Toff who used to live in Christchurch and I have gamed against a little in the past. It was great to catch up with him and to end up being able to play a game with him over the weekend was really the icing on the cake. Toff brought his Pro Elves; the Storm Bluff Corsairs. I've never played Pro Elves before so was completely confused by all the positions and skills they had. And to be honest I'm still confused. I won the roll for kick off and decided to kick. I figured he would either score in two turns and give me the opportunity to grind for seven turns or he would roll bad somewhere and give me the opportunity to drag the Elves into a ruck which they are not great at. Sure enough Toff's Elves danced all around me and I was receiving a kick off after two turns. From there onwards it was 15 turns of Undead grinding through the Elves to come out with a 2-1 victory. Certainly not an exciting game to watch as it was the classic bash team grind but against a flashy, prancing team like the Elves I knew I couldn't out prance them so just caged up and moved forward one square at a time.

So that's it for games. A great weekend overall with a fantastic night out on Saturday. To give you an idea of how things went here is a photo of Dan who, with Simon and myself, was one of the last three to go home.

Yes he is really asleep. This is who Tim played for Game 5 on the start of day two. The funniest thing is that even with Dan falling asleep and going to the bathroom to throw up at least half a dozen times they were still not the last to finish their game!

So that's it for Greenstone Cup this year. Time and finances permitting I'm very keen to return next year and am even looking at what other Blood Bowl tournaments I can get to throughout the year. I might have to see what damage I have done to the Credit Card before I book any in but certainly it won't be my last.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Stillwater Stiffs - Greenstone Cup or Bust

One hour before I'm to be picked up and taken to the airport and I've finally finished painting my team. Well, I've finished painting them to a tolerable standard for the tournament. There's still some touching up to be done which should hopefully go unnoticed by the people I play but I've run out of time so I'll have to do that when I get back. I'm definitely looking forward to this, to make things even more exciting, just a few days ago I received an order I made to Impact Miniatures for a bunch of cool gubbins to use in my games. New Dice, skill rings to mark out my skilled players (no blutak or twisty ties for me) and weather tokens as well as inducement tokens which I imagine I won't be using. The customer service from Tom who runs this site was excellent so if you want to buy some unique Blood Bowl merchandise then check it out: Impact

Anyway time is short as I still have to pack so I'll refrain from making this post lengthy. Here is the photo I took of the team just before I painted their numbers on their bases.

It's so good to have a team that looks like it's fully painted. I can't wait to play them! I'll be taking my camera up so hopefully I'll remember to take some photos of the games (history does not bode well for that) and I'll be able to give you a tournement report when I get back.

That's it for now, wish me luck!  :)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Stillwater Stiffs - The Road to Auckland

As promised I got some photos of models so far for the team. I've had a bit of a change of heart in team selection. I've been listening to podcasts about Undead rosters for tournaments and reading up about it here and there. I've decided that with four Ghouls I have got enough speed to deal with most teams so I can do without the Skeleton and replace him with a Zombie for the extra armour. Not sure if it's the right thing to do or not but I think I'll run with it and see how it goes. Anyways, on with the miniatures...

Zombies! I need to re-do the bases and once I have another four Zombies painted I'll re-paint the numbers but they are otherwise finished.

Zee Ghouls! The backbone of Undead scoring, a backbone that is so, so very easily broken. Still with four of them I'm hoping I will have enough to endure the injuries.

The Wights! Almost finished; I just need to do the bone and a little bit of leather such as belts.

The models that require the most work. As you can see I've barely started on these boys. I'm intending to get stuck into them this week to get them finished. Fingers crossed ; )
So that's me so far. My team is almost painted the only thing I need to decide now is what kind of team to take. I imagine this will be a massive learning curve for me but well worth it. Less than two weeks to go! I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Stillwater Stiffs - BCL Champs and the Road to Auckland

Although it's not technically final yet the Stillwater Stiffs have been announced as BCL champs as no one can now catch them in the standings. The only thing they have to fear is a resurgent Slann team for their final game. T.L.I.K.A.I smashed their last opponents 4 - 1 so the final game for the Stiffs is looking like it's going to be a matter of desperately clinging to the ball trying not to let the frogs get their slimey, green hands on it.

Now that the BCL is mostly out of the way my focus can shift to the Greenstone Cup. I've never been to a Blood Bowl tournament before so I'm not quite sure what to expect. I'm figuring the competition will be high so I've been trying to practice on Cyanide and the odd tabletop game where I can. I would have to say that my results have been less than impressive so I'm not hugely confident that I will do so well. Orcs and Dwarfs especially are causing me all sorts of headaches. I think I've found a way to contain the Orcs finally but Dwarfs are still a problem. Anyway below is my list I'm intending on taking...

The Block on the Mummies I'm well settled on and the Guard on the Wights too. I'm just not sure about the Ghoul skills. If I get a chance I'll keep practising with the team over the coming weeks and see if I can decide. Given the amount of time left though I think I will just have to run with this list.

So the paperwork is done, what about the models. Well I am getting through them. I might even get them all painted on time. I'll get some photos tomorrow morning and try to get them posted by the evening. With the exception of their bases I've got all the Zombies and all the Ghouls painted. So that just leaves the Mummies, Wights and the Skeleton. I have about two weeks to go and five models to paint...that's achievable right..?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

NYR - Baddaboom!

Finito! I've finally repaired my Thunderfire Cannon! This was one of the models that took a tumble during the quakes and being the metal version rather than the finecast version it took a bit of a beating. I had intended to put it back together for a while so I finally got round to it for Cavcon. I was nowhere even close to having it finished in time for the event which was at the end of July but I continued to plug away at it and managed to get it finished a couple of weeks ago. It's a bit of a teaser really as this is going to be my annual Earthquake repair project which means I have to have the Techmarine gunner finished by February next year. I wasn't originally intending on posting it until then but I really wanted to show that I haven't been completely lazy. I have been painting! Believe me!

So that's all for now. Blood Bowl is currently swamping my painting desk as the Greenstone Cup is fast approaching. I'll get some pics and a blurb up about this sometime over the coming days, in the meantime if you want to read about the Greenstone Cup check out their website:

If Nuffle wills it maybe we'll see the Stiffs with a top five placing by the end of the month  :)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Stillwater Stiffs 11-2-2

Seems the Stiffs have fallen on hard times recently. The wins are few and far between these days. I'm not quite sure what the hurdle is, whether it's karma for doing so well in the early season, maybe it's that Undead don't do as well as other teams in the later stages of league progression, or maybe that the people I play against are now picking up the tricks to beat an Undead team. Whatever the reason I'm certainly getting schooled a lot nowadays where I was previously not having too much trouble winning games. So after eating a lot of humble pie I have started looking a lot closer at how I am playing. Certainly my luck with the armour and injury rolls has dried up so I'm having to rely on the running game. But to cut a long story short, there is definitely a silver lining to this losing streak in that it is teaching me how to become a better coach. It also means that hopefully my fellow coaches may not be too adverse to me playing Undead for another season so I can spend a bit more time learning the team. We'll wait and see on that one though...

I've got a very quick review of the last two games I played. The first was against Jim's Ogre team - Bash'n'Dash. In our last game beating this team was a very simple process of blitzing one Snotling a turn with my Wights and putting them in the injury dugout. By the end of the first half Jim didn't have enough players to contain my team. It appears it was not so simple this time round. I followed the same process but those Snotling would just not go down. I managed to get a handful knocked out but then they just woke up after every drive. So effectively Jim was playing with a full team for the whole game and he had plenty of screening to help his Ogres break through all my tackles and wander into the endzone. Final score was 2-1 to Jim. My dice weren't fantastic for my injury rolls so my biggest flaw here was not having a back up plan. I received first and scored too early allowing Jim to score before the end of the first half and then receive for the second. I should have played for time more and tried to beat up more Snotlings. But oh well, lesson learned, we'll chalk that one up to experience.

The second game was against Simon's Humans - The Middenheim Municipals. I was giving away something like 240k in inducements for this match so figured I would be getting Wizarded somewhere. I was somewhat relieved to hear Simon was taking a Star Player instead; none other than the Mighty Zug! In hindsight however I would have easily preferred a Wizard over Zug. I received in the first half thinking I would try and grind him down a bit before finishing him off in the second half. I caged up in the centre with my Wights on blitzing duty trying to put his catchers out of the game. Once again however my casualty machine failed to fire. Even with four Mighty Blow players on the field I simply could not roll high enough to put players in the injured dugout. On top of this Simon's positional play was exceptional. He constantly stalled my cage even breaking it a few times to leave me scoreless at the end of the first half. In the second half Simon blitzed down his right wing. I had left this one open a little to tempt him over there while I pinned his two blitzers to the other wing with my slower players. I thought with my Wights and Ghouls I could win the sideline brawl as I severely outweighed him with the amount of block I had. Once again however my cunning plans were smashed to pieces by Simon's dazzling positional play as he pranced in for a Touchdown and I was left wondering where I had gone wrong. Thankfully for me the casualty machine kicked back into gear at the tail end of the second half leaving me with just enough room to score on the final turn and tie the game. It must be said that this was only by the slimmest of margins as Simon failed a pivotal 'Gor for it' roll when blitzing my ball carrier, so I only just scrapped through...but I'll take it none the less.

So that's it so far for the Stiffs. We have one more game in the regular season against Michael's Slann and apparently there are no play-offs. So if my maths is correct, thanks to their early season rampage, the Stiffs are BCL champions for 2012 as no one can reach them on the table. They'll certainly be looking to finish the season strong though. This sudden change in fortune does not sit well with the Stiffs fans. Many have been seen burning their pendant flags and foam fingers after the recent match with the Municipals and rumour has it many fans are dumping their red and black to don the colours of more promising teams. The good news is that the Stiffs number 8 Wight - Kraftig, has recently been practising a 'legal' fouling technique called 'Piling On'. He seems to have it mastered now so he will be looking for blood against the Slann. Even if they lose the game, if they are able to keep the casualty count high enough that should keep the fans on board.

That's all for the BCL league. With the wind down of the season the Stiffs will be going on tour soon to attend the Greenstone Cup and throw their weight in against our country's best. I'll start posting a lead up to this very soon. Fingers crossed they make a good impression.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cavcon 2012!

I completely forgot I had these photos so I apologise for the late post. Hopefully most of you know what Cavcon was but for those of you not in Christchurch it might help to first explain what it is.

Cavcon was a narrative campaign event recently held in Christchurch. It spanned the weekend of the 28th and 29th July and catered for Warhammer, 40k and Flames of War. I played in the 40k comp and the umpire: 'Wes the Canadien' had organised a really interesting teams event using the Planetary Empires board. I formed one third of the mighty "Strike Force Wolf/Lizard/Fisters". Gus and Tony made up the other two thirds with their Space Wolves and Crimson Fists respectively. While we were not the most experienced team entering the event we made up for any shortfall with a whole lot of moxy. The event was made up of three 1750 point games on the first day and then on the second day a 1750 point game followed by a 3 on 3 teams game where we all brought 1000 points. The only exception being that one team member's 4th game was a Zone Mortalis mission.

My 1750 list included the following:

Chaplain and Jump Pack
2 Tactical Squads with Multi-Melta and Meltaguns in Rhinos.
1 Tactical Squad with Multi-Melta and Plasmagun on foot.
1 Venerable Dreadnought with Assault Cannon.
1 Venerable Dreadnought with Multi-Melta and Heavy Flamer in a Drop Pod.
Techmarine with 4 Servitors.
10 Assault Marines with Flamers and Thunder Hammer.
Thunderfire Cannon.

My 1000 list dropped one of the Tactical Squads with Meltaguns and moved the Plasmagun squad into a Rhino, dropped the two Techmarines, the Multi-Melta Dreadnought and a couple of Assault Marines.

Ok that's enough ranting about the format, on with the results. My first day started badly. I played Eugene's Daemons in the first round and he mercilessly smashed me with his 40 Bloodletters...on to the next game. My second game was better, I played against Dark Eldar and I'm ashamed to say I can't remember my opponent's name. Needless to say my Thunderfire Cannon really came into its own here as the shell that ignores cover tore holes all through his Wyches. A couple of unlucky leadership rolls for my opponent and I was shepherding his units off the board. My third game was against Nick playing an elite Guard army. The mission and deployment zone was all kinds of wrong for Nick allowing me to quickly get into combat with him before he could gun me down. This would have to be the best game of the event, despite the handicap Nick did a fantastic job of destroying my 'threat' units and I only just scrapped through for a win. Overall our team did pretty poorly. We started the day with three tiles on the map and finished it with only one. I lost one in my first game, as did Tony and then Gus keep losing more and more as Tony clawed a few back for us. A fantastic first day and I really enjoyed the whole event.

On the second day I had one 1750 point game before the team event. I drew Dave's Death Guard army which I was extremely envious of. He had A LOT of marines and a couple of really cool Forgeworld models; the Nurgle Plague Hulk, Plague Ogryns and the Nurgle Blight Drone. In this mission I had to deploy in the centre of the board while Dave surrounded me. Dave had two big template weapons so I didn't want to place everything in the centre of the table. I deployed half my army in reserve which was as much as I was allowed. I then concentrated on taking out the Blight Drone and the Plague Hulk before turning my attention to the Plague Ogryns and then the Plague Marines. The victory conditions in this mission were Kill Points and considering I had 13 to give away to Dave's 8 this was going to be an uphill climb for me. In the end we beat each other senseless until neither of us was willing to come within rapid-fire of the other for fear of giving away a Kill Point and losing the game. In the end it was a draw and another extremely enjoyable game.

Last game of the event was the team game and this was the only one I got photos for unfortunately. We were playing two Tau armies allied with a Black Templar Scout army. The mission and deployment meant we had to charge an objective in a ruin across open ground under fire from two Tau armies so that we could then get into combat with the marines and try to wade through the bodies...I figured we just had to run as hard as we could at the objective. Below is the first turn.

I charged everything forward and dumped smoke launchers on all my vehicles. Needless to say that against so many marker lights and railguns it didn't make a difference. Tony was deepstriking everything in his army while Gus seemed to be taking the long road around the right flank to get to the Tau.

In the top right of this photo is the bastion we had to assault. The models lined up on the left of the table are my casualties I think. This was two turns in.

My Assault Marines get their first kill: Two Crisis Suits who fled off the board. Here they have spread out to weather a turn of fire before assaulting again.

The same as above but taken from further away.

Gus finally wanders into combat to clean up my left overs.

Tony got constantly tied up in these ruins trying to protect our left flank.

The last stand. This was on the final turn and all I had left of my army were two tactical marines who had made it to the ruins and were dishing out punishment in combat.

At the end of the game we came out with a draw and left us somewhere towards the bottom of the table I believe but not last at least. Despite a pretty poor placing this had to be the most fun I have had at a wargaming event in a long time. The missions were interesting and everyone seemed to have come with the intention of not taking it too seriously...apart from the team that won who were still playing their team game after everyone else had packed up for the day...but anyway, a fantastic event and I'm very much looking forward to the next one Wes organises.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stillwater Stiffs 11-1-1

The Stiffs are back to their winning ways this week. I had a game lined up against Paul's Underworld Team; the SPP Donation Society so we got together at the club to mash it up over beer and greasy fast food.

Paul's team had developed a bit since I last played them and there were some frightening players in his team. He of course had his Mighty Blow/Claw Troll but also both his Skaven Blitzers now had Guard to help him with the hitting, he had a Skaven lineman with Wrestle to open up my line or drop the ball carrier and he had a sprinkling of various mutations across his Goblins which meant they would be a royal pain in the butt. I wasn't much looking forward to trying to contain his team. In the end I didn't really need to be worried due to some rather poor rolling on Paul's behalf and some very good rolling on my behalf. So that being said I'll try to quickly break down the play through the two halves.

For the first half I won the roll off and decided to receive. A very good kick followed by a 'Blitz' result on the kick off table allowed Paul to sneak some players through to catch the ball before I had a chance to do anything. That's about where Paul's luck started turning to custard. When my first turn started I began knocking over his players left, right and centre and it seemed I couldn't roll lower than an 8 for armour or injury. So by the end of turn four Paul had only his Troll left on the pitch. Having suffered a similar fate previously at the hands of Sass, and knowing how un-fun it is to watch your opponent wind down the clock while you can do nothing I decided to score at the start of my fifth turn and make more of a game from it. Paul managed to wake up enough players so he could get a full squad on the pitch. The progression from here was Paul trying to run one of his Goblins down my left side of the field for a last minute touchdown. I couldn't get a good block on him so I simply had to try and put as many tacklezones as possible between him and the endzone. Ultimately it was enough and in the dying seconds of the first half his Goblin was brought down while running for a touchdown.

Paul received in the second half and pushed down my right sideline this time, as you can probably tell from the photo above. After a bit of scrimmage with my Wights I managed to turn the ball over and start carrying it back up field with one of my Ghouls. My Armour and Injury rolls were abysmal this half balancing out my exceptional rolling in the first half so Paul had plenty of players on the pitch to turn things around. Unfortunately this is where is bad luck kicked in as no matter how many blocks he threw at my Ghoul carrying the ball he just simply couldn't get the ball loose. In the end my Ghoul managed to dodge his way through centre field and score another touchdown right at the end of the second half.

So one more game down and only three more to go before the end of the second round robin. I have yet to play Jim's Ogres, Michael's Slann and Simon's Humans. I'm looking forward to the last few games of the regular season as all three teams have had a little time to develop and are looking quite challenging. My next game is with Simon at the end of August so I'll be sure to post then and I'll see if I can get a few more pictures.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Stillwater Stiffs 10-1-1

Well it had to happen. I've had more than my fair share of games where the Armour and Injury rolls have gone heavily in my favour so it was only a matter of time before Nuffle would decide to turn the tables. The Stillwater Stiffs have taken their first official loss of the season, much to the delight of my fellow coaches I might add, and it was a pretty gruesome game too boot.

The game was against Sass' Norse team the Frosty Snowmen. My first game against the Frosty Snowmen was a draw so they are now officially the only team I haven't beaten. That leaves me hoping that if I make it to the play-offs we can get a rematch. But anyway, on with the game details.

I once again forgot to take photos. Considering the game was played at my house I had no excuse not to but the thought quickly fled my mind as I found myself constantly under pressure during the game. Simply put; I had bigger things to worry about.

Sass won the roll off and decided to receive. He was 380k down on team value so for inducements he took a wizard, a Re-Roll (giving him a total of two) and two Bloodweiser Babes...he didn't need any of them.

First block of the game Sass laid the smackdown on one of my Zombies and sent him straight to the KO bin. In hindsight I see now this was a sign of things to come but at the time I didn't think much of it. The game progressed back and forth with me filling gaps to create a solid defence and Sass retrieving the ball and forming a cage. By about the third of fourth turn I noticed my defensive line was quite stretched and I was wondering why I was struggling so much to contain him. I looked over at my dugout and sure enough there was the reason. In that time Sass had managed to Knock Out 5 of my players. It was amazing! It seemed like every time one of my players fell over they decided they had, had enough and played dead (har har har) so someone would carry them off the pitch. The game continued and in the last couple of turns of the first half I was left with four players on the pitch. Sass pressed his advantage but did leave the ball carrier open enough for me to sneak a blitz in with my star Wight (thank god he was still on the pitch). He turned over the ball and then remained standing after Sass' blitz action the following turn. It was at this point I did something really stupid. I had a Ghoul up field in a tacklezone and I had the choice to dodge out with my Wight, who was surrounded by Snowmen, or pass to the Ghoul. There was only one square to dodge too and it was in two tackle zones. I was afraid of tripping and dropping the ball right in front of my endzone so I decided to pass. I needed a six and didn't get it so instead I fumbled the ball. In hindsight it would have been far better to try dodging out then passing or even carrying the ball and dodging a Ghoul away in support to protect against a blitz. But ah well, such is the benefit of hindsight. Sass picked up the ball and scored. By that time I had six players knocked out and one injured and just to add insult to injury Nuffle decided to let only one of my knocked out players wake up. The rest remained snoozing. So after an ineffectual last turn in my first half we moved on to the second half.

I had managed to wake up enough players to get ten men on the field. I was optimistic about this. I knew I could easily score with ten players and if I could score quickly I could wake up more men and get a full squad on the field. So we set up and I got ready for some aggressive play.

The second half started good with my Wights sending two of Sass' players off the field bruised and bloody within the first two turns. Things were looking up for the Stiffs and it seemed as though they wanted to redeem themselves. This it appeared was wishful thinking. Sass decided it was time to bring out the Wizard and dropped a Fireball on open ground in the middle of my cage. Of course it was only fitting that the Fireball caught my ball carrier and halted my advance. I had to bring players back to protect the ball and that was all Sass needed to bring the weight of numbers to bear...

...hang on! I said I got two off the field and I started with ten players. So surely that means I had the advantage of numbers!?!

Well you'd think so wouldn't you. But as soon as my drive stalled Sass got a few knock downs from Blocks and guess what happened? My guys started getting carried off the field again. One thing led to another and I had only about four players left again (possibly less, I can't remember). Then Sass managed to casually catch a bouncing ball with his Norse Werewolf (I think I may have sworn at this stage) and prance in for a second Touchdown. The only thing worse than finishing the second half 2-Nil down after that game was seeing that Sass still had one of his two Re-Rolls left. His rolling had been so good that in eight turns he had used a Re-Roll only once.

So in closing; a very forgettable game though it certainly taught me what it has felt like for some of the other coaches to play my team when I'm having a lucky day. I've picked up the odd thing about what I could do better next time and will try to put that into effect. I can only hope that in my next game the luck is a bit more balanced and I can keep on track to making the Play-Offs.

Friday, 29 June 2012

NYR - More boats for the bath tub

In still trying to keep to the New Year's Resolution theme of finishing projects I decided to get my odd models for Dystopian Wars painted. Months ago, I think around November last year, a friend of mine had bought a few blisters to beef out his Blazing Sun force. But with the strange numbers of models you get in the blister packs he ended up with more models than he needed, so I bought the spares off him and beefed up my fleet as well. The models have been lying dormant ever since so over the last month I have been splashing some paint on them.

Here are my extra Cruiser and three extra Frigates making a total of four Cruisers and twelve Frigates in my force now. I also painted another bomber bringing my total to three for that squad but I've yet to base him so didn't get a photo.

But it doesn't end there! Recently I attended a tournament in Dunedin called Southcon with the intention of drinking beer, playing wargames and catching up with a few good mates. Most people I've played with my Blazing Sun know that by far and wide my favourite model is the Ika mechanical squid yet because of my New Year's Resolution I have avoided buying one. Well one of my mates in Dunedin did an extremely generous thing while I was down there. At the tournament they had a Dystopian Wars stand selling merchandise and completely out of the blue he bought me an Ika for my army! I was totally over the moon! So I would like to say a massive thanks to Ian for being such a generous soul and below are the new additions to my Navy's submersible division.

That's almost it...but not quite...I have one more addition to the Blazing Sun army. Those of you who play Dystopian Wars will know they recently had a rules revision and in accordance with that they released a new rulebook. Spartan games decided to get the release humming with some great discounts and offers through their on-line store. With one of those offers you received a free limited edition model of a mercenary Russian submarine called 'The Black Wolf'. So here is my fully painted Black Wolf (with a little bit of red and brass to tie him in to the rest of the army).

Ok that's all the updates I have for a little while. Currently on my painting desk I am finishing some commission work and painting my Hillbillies for Legends of the Old West. I also have a pile of models to do including my Blood Bowl team, Salamanders Space Marines, Menoth for Warmachine, Dreadfleet models, Dwarfs and a Spider Queen plus her swarms for Lord of the Rings. So I'll crack on with the painting and hopefully it won't be too long until my next post.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

NYR - Casualty Markers

Time for a very quick post before I go to bed. Below are some Space Marine casualty markers I bought long, long time ago. I kept meaning to get them finished but I think the idea of trying to greenstuff Drakescale cloaks and tabards always put me off. So finally I've pulled finger and finished them.

I'm really happy with how they turned out considering I painted them very quickly. When I say very quickly I of course mean the amount of time spent on them rather than the distance between the date I started them and the date I finished them.

Anyways, hope you like.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

NYR - Bruised in the Badlands Models

This post is about more models that I bought when I technically said I wouldn't but I wanted to get some Squigs and Trolls for the underground scenarios in the narrative campaign I recently organised. I have at least stuck to the New Years philosophy of not filling up the cupboard with more unpainted models though. I am at least painting the new models I buy.

Anyways enough waffle. Here are some photos of the models. I apologise for the quality of some of them. I have real trouble viewing the photo in the camera's view-screen. What looks originally to be fine I find later to be out of focus once I get it on the computer. But never mind, hopefully you'll get the gist.

First up are the Squigs. Six so far finished and I have high hopes to get another six painted for another campaign in November.

These are the Stone Trolls I painted. I've long held a fascination with the Warhammer On-Line Orcs - the look of the army and the look of the beasts such as Trolls, Giants, Boars etc. So I based them off a screenshot I found of Stone Trolls from the game. I think they are a vast improvement on the stereotypical bright blue Trolls.

This guy I'm pretty happy with overall but am still unsure if painting his bone club as fresh, clean bone was a good idea or not. There's a lot of white in the model. I was thinking of painting it as fossilised bone like the skulls on the Troll below but the realist in me won over believing that if he's using a bone as a club it's most likely from a recent meal.

The last of the three Stone Trolls. This guy had to be the most awkward to position on his base. He's got one of the most off balance poses I've ever seen. Still I do like all the brown that helps contrast the white on this model. I think I will follow this precedent on any further Stone Trolls I paint.

Lastly I have a shot of another Earthquake Dwarf I've saved. This guy just had his arms knocked off so a bit of gluing, greenstuffing and touching up and he's back in the game.

Ok that's all for now. I've got plenty more pics so I'll keep posting them over the coming weeks. In the meantime I better get back to the painting table.