Sunday, 7 August 2011

Vostroyans - Slow and purposeful progress...

Life has been very busy over the past month, but I have managed to squeeze in a little bit of work on the commander. The red has been highlighted and another base colour applied to the...erm...base which is not pictured.

The campaign progresses too. We've had a quiet week this week as a number of people involved have been down in Timaru for a tournament, but I have managed to squeeze in a quick game against my flatmate. 600 points now and I took two units of Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons, an Organ Gun and a Thane with a Great Weapon. I was up  against an Empire army consisting of one unit of Swordsmen with a detachment of Free Ccompany, Halberdiers, Handgunners and a Wizard and Captain. Didn't do as well as I hoped. Both my units of Dwarfs charged the Swordsmen but decided to whimp out in combat. One unit ran and I was on the back foot from then. "The Withering" from his Wizard got ultimate power two turns in a row just after one of my units had fled leaving it easy for him to finish the Warrior units off one at a time. Despite all that my Thane did kill his Captain in a challenge, and I mean outright; if your general dies in a game you have to roll on a table to see what kind of effect the wounds have. His result was death! It's the small victories. Also my Organ Gun performed exceptionally well before being withered and cut down. Lessons learned though and we will put them into effect next game.