Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Southcon 2011 Review

Over a week after the fact I'm finally getting a post up. Needless to say I was not so organised as I hoped to be for Southcon. I forgot my camera again and I did not get my models finished in time. What else is new eh?

The event itself while originally being a great concept I felt was a bit let down. I only ended up playing for one of the two days as I really needed to visit my grandfather who is not too well, so here is my review for the small amount that I played.

I went along thinking it would be a fun, easy going affair with medium to soft army builds much like my gaming mates in Dunedin took when I lived down there. This was an incredibly niave assumption to make as there were inevitably the strong army builds of the power gamers. All in all though I played 3 fantastic players with medium to soft army builds and the only person I played with a hard army I could definitely see a way to beat it. I just seemed to have one of those games where I could not roll higher than a 2 unless it was for leadership and fleeing, in which case the 5's and 6's seemed to magically appear.

Looking back I think the players, the table special rules and the dense terrain made for fun and interesting games so I'm not quite sure why I came out of it with such a sense of disappointment. The organisation was far from faultless. It seemed there wasn't a lot of planning involved in draws or table selection which let the tournament down. Also on the second day when I took a break from playing games to visit family I was advised when I got back that games had stopped at 12:00 because the umpire had not organised a game of apocalypse which he had planned, so all the competitors stood around waiting for four hours so other games could finish and they could attend the prize giving.

In closing I don't think it's enough to stop me going back, I don't think I'll be playing in 40k again though. This is now the second year the organisation has been far less than sterling so I think next year it will be Fantasy or Warmachine. Or if Dystopian Wars is on the cards...

I did manage to get one of my models finished when I got back from Dunners. Please excuse the shine on him. As I use this army A LOT for tournaments I put a semi-gloss varnish on them to try protect them more.