Sunday, 29 May 2011

Southcon 2011 only a week away!!!

In true wargamer fashion I have once again let real life get in the way of my hobby. I have less than 1 week till I drive down to Dunedin for Southcon 2011 and I've barely started painting what I need to. The good news is that I have bugger all to paint so I still have time enough to get the job done if I knuckle down.

The only two things I need to get painted are a sergeant to act as an HQ and an objective marker. For the sergeant I had an old limited edition model that has been hiding in a cupboard for a few years so I thought that would be perfect. For the objective I broke out one of the Space Marine casualty models who have been in storage for a similar amount of time. Below is a pretty GW picture of what the sergeant looks like.

And then here is my attempt at very amateur photography of the two models with some quick base coats on. There will be nothing particularly flash about the paint jobs. I will be making them tidier than the rank and file but otherwise nothing special. I think the Aquila on the base of the Sergeant makes him stand out enough without having to add anything to it and my Salamanders army has always been built on the principle of "Quick and Tidy so you can get it on the table". Anyways, here's the models so far:

Will update a with more piccies later in the week. With any luck I'll learn a few more tricks about photography by then too ; )