Friday, 30 December 2011

One last update for 2011

My flatmate Chris had organised a practice game today for the upcoming Fantasy Doubles tournament in Christchurch. So I thought I would take the camera along and get a few snaps to post one final update in 2011. Please excuse the completely unpainted army. It was 1200 points each and being such a small army size I was wondering if I could scrape together a Skaven army with what little I had just for something different. Turns out I have just enough so I jumped at the chance to use an army other than Dwarfs...even if they were a little unpolished.

The theme for my army is a minor clan who have been commandeered by Clan Moulder to flush out the Dwarfs of Karak Fagg from their recently established stronghold in the Northern World's Edge Mountains. The long term goal for the army is to have a core of Clanrats supported by auxiliaries of Rat Ogres, Giant Rats and an Abomination or two. For this game my army comprised of:

2 units of 40 Clanrats
1 unit of 30 Giant rats led by Skweel Gnawtooth
1 unit of 6 Rat Ogres
1 Hell Pit Abomination
Army is led by a Chieftain

My ally for this game was Isaac who brought a Nurgle Warriors of Chaos army and we were fighting Chris and Sass who were fielding two empire armies; Chris had a good variety of troops and Sass had a Warrior Priest themed flagellant heavy army. Anyway, on with the game. Here's the first turn:

My Abomination and Giant Rats were pushing round the left flank through the forest and my Clanrat units were forming a bait and charge "V" in the centre supported by the Rat Ogres. Check out my neat movement trays made from corrugated cardboard and slim strips of balsawood. Real Kiwi ingenuity ; )

The Abomination had a close call with Sass' wizard blasting away from the top of the hill before getting stuck in to the first unit of flagellants.

The Giant rats continued round the flank while Sass' units charged my Clanrats in the centre. I fled from the charge and then counter charged with my other unit of Clanrats and the Rat Ogres.

Meanwhile after some ridiculously incredible rolling the Abomination had finished chewing through the first unit of Flagellants and moved in to support the combat in the centre. The Giant Rats having little else to do set their sights on the war machines at the back of the table.

About this time I looked over to Isaac's side of the table and he was just hitting combat too. Some odd rolling had left both him and Chris in a bit of a stand off with neither wanting to commit in case they over extended themselves.

By the time the final turn had rolled around I had lost all my Rat Ogres to the second unit of Flagellants (martyrdom is horrible!) though what was left of the Flagellants was now tied up with my one remaining unit of Clanrats. The other unit was following my General to the rear of the battlefield where it was a bit safer. Non-Skaven armies call this "fleeing the field". The Abomination was now clawing his way into Chris' army while Isaac and Chris had now committed to combat. The Giant Rats had cleared out all the war machines and were left with nothing to do.

In conclusion it was hugely refreshing to be playing an army so different to Dwarfs, and I'm actually now considering trying to get them painted in time for the tournament (only about 5 weeks away. Heaps of time!). The Abomination was horrendous. I came so very close to losing it within the first turn but after surviving that it got stuck into combat and it was utterly ruthless. I think the army still needs a few changes before taking it to a tournament. The lack of a spell caster definitely caused some headaches, and while my leadership checks in this game were pretty good, I think a Battle Standard Bearer will be necessary for the games when the luck isn't so forthcoming.

Overall a fantastic game. Have a great New Year everyone, I'll post more about the rats next month  : )

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