Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Dwarfs and Skaven - Tying up loose ends.

At the end of September I had a look round my painting desk and saw about 15 half finished painting projects. It seems to be the fate of most gamers and hobbyists that we have the tenacity and perseverance of a 10 year old kid with ADHD, high on Red Bull. I was fed up with my lack of completion in projects so made the conscious decision to stop new projects and stop buying new models until I had finished what I started.

While I didn't stick to that rule 100% I have certainly finished a lot of my half started projects which have been gracing the pages of this blog over the past 2 months. The latest of these is a Skaven Rat Ogre...

I have been wanting an evil army to match my Dwarf army for some time now and when a mate of mine said he was selling his Skaven I thought that was the perfect opportunity. As all new purchases do it all started out with a hiss and a roar. I was madly gluing models together and before long I had my first Packmaster painted quickly followed by a Rat Swarm. About halfway through painting the Rat Ogre I realised how ridiculous it was that I had started yet another Fantasy army without finishing my Dwarfs, which I have had now for about 5 years. So I stopped to focus on finishing projects but the half painted Rat Ogre has always bugged me so I finished painting it about 3 weeks ago.

From here I don't know when the next update will be on the Skaven. I've shifted the focus back onto the Dwarfs for Fantasy to get them finished. Currently I'm adding the last touches on my Lord with Shield Bearers and painting up 25 Miners.

I'll keep plodding away at them and add posts when I get them finished. Eventually I may get bored of them and throw in the odd Skaven model just to keep myself sane.

Anyways this will be the last post on painting for a while as I have just landed some commission work that needs to take priority. I still have plenty lying around my painting desk that needs attention so maybe around Christmas time I can get back into it and you'll see some more models poking around the blog.

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