Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A change is as good as a holiday...

Or so the saying goes. I've been so immersed in 40k and Dystopian Wars lately I've started to forget that there are other interesting games out there. A mate of mine has recently purchased an army for Hordes and when he mentioned he was quite keen for a game it sparked a memory that I still have a Trollblood army stashed away in a cupboard somewhere.

So after digging my models out of the cupboard and cleaning off all the dust and cockroaches we set the table up to play a couple of games. Here you see my beautifully rendered Metallic Trolls against Mark's expertly painted Night Skorne.

We played two games and both were very similar. I tried to screen my troops with my Whelps and then once Mark's guys had committed to clearing out the little midgets I would counter charge. I found my counter charge was not nearly as devastating as I thought it would be and both times I was given a window of only one turn to get in a Warlock assassination otherwise Mark was going to steamroll me.
I must admit that it really was the blind leading the blind. Mark has never played and the last time I played was about a year ago so if a veteran 'Horder' were watching I'm sure they would have picked all sorts of holes in a very loose interpretation of the rules. But none the less they were both thoroughly enjoyable games with a real high risk intensity at the end. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and I'll be sure to get another game in over the coming months.

So that's about it for another week or so. I'll sign out with this photo of my Axer delivering the coup de grace on Mark's Warlock in the second game. I should mention though this was just after his Gladiator had teabagged my Dire Troll Mauler in one turn of combat...painful...


  1. I really shouldn't like that last picture but it represents that game so well. Must. have. rematch.

  2. Yeah man. Have to fit in a game before you head up North.