Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Vostroyans - The ongoing saga of the Vostroyan Commander...

It seems I just can't get the Commander finished, life keeps getting in the way. Still we have some progress from the last post. Since the below photos were taken I've done a bit more work and glued him to his base so we are now down to the final touch ups before being varnished. Fingers crossed he's completed before Christmas   ; )

Still we shall not let my lack of progress stall the project completely. Despite this model not yet being completed I have moved to the next step in the project: The Plebs!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to start on some troops after the Commander so I could begin to flesh out the army. And so I have...with a little twist. I have always envisioned my Vostroyan army as having a good mix of troops from Conscript to Veteran so I could represent the constant influx of new troops from the home world. Then when the Imperial Guard Codex changed to no longer allow Carapace Armour on your regular guardsmen I have been trying to find a good substitute model to represent Vostroyan Conscripts and regular Guardsmen who can not be equipped with Carapace Armour. Now I think I may have found a way thanks to Victrix:

There are a few changes I need to make such as getting rid of the crests at the front of the Shakos and the tassels on the top but over all they are disturbingly accurate right down to the moustaches. So with a bit of cutting and puttying I put together 5 trial models to see if this would work. The results are shown below:

I've already decided I'm not that keen on the models that are marching with guns at rest but I think the others could work. The scale is a little different with these models at true scale rather than the heroic scale of the GW Vostroyans but the height between the models is the same. I'm hoping when these guys are painted the majority of the GW models will look bulkier because of their Carapace Armour rather than scale. Three have epaulettes still, while I have cut them off two models. I'm not sure if I want to keep them or not yet so we'll paint them up and see what looks better. The sand had to be built up a bit due to them having square bases rather than slottas though this is easily disguised with a bit of pipe or slabs of concrete to avert the eye.

Anyways I feel like I've written a novel so I'll sign off here. I'll start getting a bit of paint on these guys over the next month or so and post them up to show you how they're going.

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