Sunday, 27 November 2011

Gaming in the Grey

Well Brute Force is over for another 6 months. Was a good tourney and I came out of it in 3rd place from 8 competitors. Not too bad considering I was struggling to keep my eyes open by the end of it due to the 5am wake up and all the beer. Here's my tournament report:

As I said; 5am the alarm went off, so I dragged myself out of bed and hurried to get some last minute painting done. By 6:20 my girlfriend and I were out the door and starting the 3 hour drive to Greymouth. I hadn't even had a chance to get some coffee before we left so thankfully we stopped in Arthur's Pass for a quick caffeine fix. While there we met some very interesting locals in the photo above. Now I know Keas are usually very curious birds but this is the first time we've had them jump on the car while in the Pass. Below you can see one trying to have a chew on Sam's finger through the windshield. Thankfully not very successfully.

Once I got back into the car we thought they'd take off but they seemed quite content to keep sitting on the car as we started driving down the road. Eventually it got a little too difficult for the one on the side view mirror to hold his balance so he jumped off and his mate soon followed.

So about an hour later we were in Greymouth, Sam had dropped me off at the venue and the first bottle of Monteiths was opened. My first game was against Alex and his Necrons. This was also my first game against Necrons under the new codex. Was a really interesting game, tonnes of scarabs, a C'Tan shard and two massive units of Warriors led by Necron Lords with three Tomb Spiders to back up the Scarabs. This photo was about 3 or 4 turns into the game.

I'd had a quick read of the codex and knew that the warriors could be beaten easily in combat. Considering it was an objective mission all I then had to do was stall or defeat his other units while combat squad marines claimed the objectives. My Assault squad and Chaplain cleared out the first unit of Warriors before being tied up with the C'Tan and the Tomb Spiders. A bit of poor rolling and my Chaplain and Assault Marines were all butchered. The Scarabs had swarmed the rest of the army so I had to wade through them with as many Power Fists as I could muster. The game ended after turn 5 and while Alex only had 1 unit of Warriors left I had spent too long trying to kill off the rest of his army and could not reach a second objective. We had one objective each leaving the game in a draw.

The second game was against PJ and was a lot of fun. You gained kill points from having your own units killed but if you were tabled you lost. There were a few special rules to force your troops to shoot the enemy so both players wouldn't just sit back and wait. Below was my deployment with the HQs set behind a hill out of shot to the far left of the table. You got to use your sideboard in this mission which came on through reserve.

The plan worked beautifully getting my own units killed while drawing his units to the right side of the board away from my 2 HQs who were going to hide and let the clock wind down. There was only one flaw in my plan. I believed my sideboard Venerable Dreadnought, which I left as a body guard for my HQs, should be capable of tying down any threats on my left flank. In two turns of combat with PJ's Ork Boss he landed 3 hits and failed to wound with all of them. Thankfully the game ended after turn 6 and I still had my Master of the Forge left so I came out with a win.

The last game was against Chris who won the tournament. He had a shooty-heavy Smurf army with a heck of a lot of combi-weapons. It worked really effectively especially with the special rules for this mission. In this mission your sideboard unit got a special skill; Chris' Devastators got Tank hunter while my Dreadnought got infiltrate. Chris also won the role for deployment and picked a table quarter which left me with very little cover. It was clear from the start that if I didn't advance quickly into combat I was going to be shot to pieces.

Things didn't go well at the start. My Assault squad was wiped out before they could reach combat and my infiltrating dreadnought was immobilised in the first turn then swallowed by the receding board edge by the third turn (sorry did I forget to mention that rule?). Eventually I managed to tie up units with my remaining dreadnought and kill off enough guys with my remaining Tac squad. Thankfully the game ended after turn 5 with a draw as I don't think I had the troops left to see it through any further.

Overall another fantastic tourney and a good weekend spent on the Coast. Thanks especially to Jarred and Glenn for organising it and to PJ's Mum for putting on a massive feast afterwards. Thanks also to all my opponents who were excellent sportsmen, I look forward to the Brute Force doubles tournament in April next year.

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